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How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

how to gain muscle mass fast
Last modified: August 14th, 2018 12:00 pm

By now you recognize that building muscle takes some serious time and effort.  You can work out every single day with the perfect diet and ample supplementation, but time is still invariably a factor in when it comes to muscle mass gain.  How to gain muscle mass fast sometimes relies on slight of hand.  Your muscles are covered in a sort of blanket.  The blanket is made of visceral fat.  Gaining muscle doesn’t happen as quickly as any of us would like but what we CAN do is make our excess fat fade away.  By removing layers of this fat blanket and gaining small layers of muscle in tandem, you’re going to look far more ripped or impressive than you actually are.

Gain Muscle Mass

  • Work out every day. Alternate the parts of your body that you are primarily exercising, but make sure you hit the gym every single day.  Legs one day, arms the next, torso/core on the third, then back to the legs.  Keep that rotation up and you’ll make sure you’re not overworking any of your muscles to the point of injury concern.
  • Eat plenty of protein. Replace all the carbohydrates in your diet with loads of protein.  Eggs at breakfast, nuts for snacks, plenty of fish and chicken for lunch and dinner.  Try to eat five small meals every day instead of three larger ones.
  • Supplement. We’ve talked about the different macros and stacks that will help you bulk up in the past.  Those same supplements are what you’re going to be needing if you’re trying to gain muscle mass in a quick hurry.  Protein drinks are your new best friend and you’re going to have to mix them with creatine, beta-alanine, and a slew of other helpful supplements we’ve spoken of along the way.
  • No cheating.   You’re only going to be hurting yourself by hindering progress with cheat days or quitting early on workouts that are particularly annoying to you.  Chance are, those workouts are extra annoying for a reason.  Perhaps those are the ones that you should be focusing extra time and attention on…


Lose the Fat Blanket

  • Stay away from carbohydrates. Carbs will go straight to all the sections that you tend to hold in a little extra pudge.  Your belly, underarms, thighs… excess carbohydrates will make all of that visceral fat more difficult to get rid of.
  • Keep a nice calorie deficit. You don’t want to starve yourself; Absolutely not.  Make sure you DO have a bit of a caloric deficit though.  What that means is small meals periodically throughout the day so that you don’t get super hungry but you’re never 100% full either.  You’re just looking to be content.

The other half of the deficit formula is burning off calories.  Take the stairs rather than the elevator.  Walk the long way around the office.  Maybe consider riding your bike to work rather than driving in.  Whatever you do, make sure you hit the gym.

  • Cardio workouts. Everybody’s favorite!  The gym can’t just be weight lifting.  When you’re through with the weights, hop on the elliptical or the treadmill.  You don’t need to go all out for a long period of time.  All you want to do is keep the heart rate elevated for an extended period of time, working off the calories and helping out the deficit.

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