Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

foods to eat to lose belly fat

Chances are if you’re interested enough to read this article then you’re like most of us: looking to trim off some extra belly fat by eating healthier. Fortunately, scientific studies have revealed the foods that help accomplish just that and the foods to avoid [1]. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to drop a few pounds for your upcoming summer vacation or you want to decrease a few pants sizes; these foods will extend the fight against belly fat down to the molecule. Ready to get started?

The Science Behind Belly Fat

First, understand that carrying a little extra belly fat and obesity are two different things. Both are issues that you can deal with through a healthier diet (and no one ever gained weight from choosing a salad over fries). The culprit for that stubborn belly fat is metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body uses energy (usually measured in calories) throughout the day and your daily activities. Metabolic problems and irregularity along with poor diets contribute to that belly fat [2]. Fortunately, the foods below are proven to attack that belly fat and help boost your metabolism at the same time!

Foods to Eat to Bust Belly Fat

The key with all the foods to eat to lose belly fat below is protein. Eating plenty of protein helps you feel fuller, builds muscle, and is not automatically converted to fat like other macromolecules. When in doubt, find a way to sneak some protein into your meal [3].

Spinach and green veggies

Yeah, yeah we know. You don’t want to eat green leafy vegetables. There is a reason why they’re recommended by everyone for health though, green leafy veggies have low-fat content and provide antioxidants. If you really want to zap that belly fat, channel your inner Popeye and eat your spinach!


Eggs are a relatively low-fat, high-protein option. They keep you feeling full and provide great nutrients. Just be careful not to eat too many as it can be bad for your cholesterol.


Nuts are a protein option that also provide heart-health benefits. Choose unsalted or lightly salted ones preferably with skin intact. Roasted almonds and peanuts are an excellent choice.

-Whole grains

Whole grains are much healthier than white carbs. They help block the body from storing fat and help break down that belly fat.


Berries help settle your sweet tooth in a healthy way. They also are great for your heart and make a great snack on the go.

Dark chocolate

When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate also helps fight belly fat. Real dark chocolate has antioxidants and is beneficial for your heart. It gives you a sense of eating sugar without eating junk food that is hard for your body to process [4].

Fat Burner Supplements

You can increase the rate in which your body burns fat with Cinerate. Cinerate will reduce your appetite and increase energy while giving you an improved ability to focus your thoughts. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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