Erythritol for Keto

eyrithritol and keto dieting

Keto dieting is one of the hottest fitness fads world wide today.  We’ve talked briefly about keto dieting in the past, but in order to understand how erythritol fits in to the keto way of life, you need to first understand what are ketones and the keto way of life.  Ketogenic dieting is a little different than the high-protein dieting we usually talk about here at Vaxxen.  Ketogenic dieting requires SOME protein consumption and minimal carbohydrate consumption.  The major difference between our other diets and the keto diet?  Keto dieting allows for high-fat foods like cheese, nuts, and oils. Here’s what you need to know about erythritol for keto [1].

What is Erythritol?

If you follow our blog, you’re already pretty familiar with erythritol.  Good news.  Erythritol is perfectly acceptable in even the most strict of keto diets!  Since erythritol doesn’t contain any carbohydrates, it’s not going to be a problem if you use it to sweeten your coffee or when you cook your dinner tonight.  There are some side effects of erythritol that you need to be aware of but none of them are extremely worrisome or serious [2].

So What’s the Catch?

Well, we don’t exactly know.  It’s possible that there is not a problem at all.  Erythritol has only recently been discovered and distributed to people as a sugar replacement.  There are some studies that suggest it can have carcinogenic effects similar to those of aspartame.  I want to make it clear that just because we use erythritol to build insecticides does not necessarily mean it is harmful to humans.  There are plenty of things that we eat every single day that would kill off pests and insects.  Heck, do you eat chocolate?  It can kill small animals like cats and make dogs really sick.

4 Benefits of Keto

I don’t want to end on doom and gloom.  It’s important you understand the benefits of the keto diet and that there is no iota of proof erythritol causes any negative issues in humans.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of a keto diet as opposed to the other diets.  Keto tends to be a more difficult regimen for people to keep up with but if you’re able to have the will power and drive needed, there is no doubt that it’s an effective way to lose weight while also enjoying other potential health and life improvements, including:

  • Enhances cardiovascular health. Following the keto diet has been proven to increase the good cholesterol levels in the human body.  What’s more, it also decreases the levels of bad cholesterol.  Can’t beat that when it comes to heart health [4].
  • Epileptic seizure reduction. Seizure treatment is actually how the keto diet became popular.  We’ve been treating seizure patients by changing their diet for years with undeniable success.
  • Reduces acne. Something that everybody can enjoy!  Eating garbage food is one of the prime reasons people deal with acne.  The blood sugar levels in our body dictate where and how much acne we have sometimes.  Following the keto diet ensures healthier blood sugar levels, thus reducing acne.
  • Improves life for women with PCOS. PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, isn’t usually life threatening but can make life uncomfortable for reproductive aged women [5].  The keto diet is an effective way to battle against PCOS!



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