What is DHA Supplement and Do I Need It?

DHA supplement

DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid.  That’s a pretty serious mouth full though so from here on out it will be referred to as DHA.  A fatty acid found in fish meat like tuna, salmon, and cod, over the past thirty years, modern science has allowed humans to refine the substance and create medicines to treat a wide variety of mental ailments.  Of course that’s not why we’re talking about it in our blog, but it’s nice to know that we’re not going to be promoting a line of garbage.  Understanding what DHA is used for outside of the fitness and bodybuilding worlds should make you feel more confident in the products we talk about, much like the other various natural products and supplements we promote here at Vaxxen.

DHA Supplement and Modern Science and Medicine?

That’s right.  DHA is used for treating the following ailments:

  • Diabetes – Combatting the raging insulin/sugar levels is a solid way to prevent diabetes. Even though who already have type 1 or type 2 diabetes are encouraged to take DHA supplements to help limit the nasty affects and prevent future problems [1].
  • Dementia – Though it won’t really help with the whole aging thing, unfortunately, there are multiple studies completed showing favorable results that DHA can help prevent dementia caused by old age. This type of dementia is not exactly the same as that caused by head trauma.  The DHA can’t eliminate scar tissue but can help prevent the natural breakdown of brain cells that occur at some point in life [2].
  • ADHD – The most common treatment for ADHD, you can find DHA in most ADD and ADHD medicine. When combined with other natural fatty acids, DHA can help regulate chemical balances in the brain, preventing the harsh effects of ADHD and ADD.  While it doesn’t actually stop the disorder from existing, it keeps the more prevalent symptoms at bay, allowing the individual to cope and concentrate [3].

DHA extracted from the meat of cold water fish is now being implemented into baby formula.  There is a direct correlation between health brain growth in small children and elevated levels of DHA.

What Does DHA Do For ME?

DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid.  There we go, your light bulb is on now!  Omega-3 supplements are found all around the body building world.  Fish and fish oil supplementation will help raise your DHA levels and virtual guarantee faster workout recovery times.  Side benefit of supplementing with Omega-3 rich supplements like fish oil: you feel fuller for longer, helping you fight off unwanted weight gain caused by snacking or overeating.  Famous for the anti-inflammatory work, Omega-3 supplements that are rich with DHA lead to improved muscle and joint health while simultaneously fighting off delayed onset fatigue in the muscles [4].  Combining Omega-3 supplements with the protein supplements that you’re already consuming will make it up to three times easier to recover from a particularly strenuous workout so that you’re ready to go the next time around.  To put that in Vaxxen specific terms, make sure you are combining WHEYXX with NOREXX!


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