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Synephrine is an increasingly used substance that our bodies naturally create.  In each of our brains, we create Monoamine oxidase enzymes.  These enzymes consume the Synephrine and the result is a combination of metabolism stimulation and hunger suppression.  Naturally, this is an attractive substance for those of us that are trying to do whatever we can to shed the last few nagging pounds of visceral fat that just seem to hang on no matter what we do!

Since Synephrine is commonly used as a weight loss supplement, it’s good to know what you should be looking for when you’re trying to find it on the market.  Sometimes Synephrine is sold under its alter-ego, “bitter orange”.  The bitter orange name is due to the substance coming from the bitter orange plant which is found in a couple of the more tropical areas of the world.  Prior to the last few decades, the substance was used as a medical treatment for a variety of digestion related issues such as acid reflux, indigestion, and nausea.

Take Caution!

Sure, it’s pretty easy to find Synephrine, especially in the online marketplaces.  Since it’s so easy to find, it’s understandable that there are some 3rd world country manufacturers out there that are not afraid to delve into the world of morally grey.  Be sure to only consider purchasing bitter orange in salt powder form, preferably with the word ‘Synephrine’ literally written on the container.  What’s more, keep a close eye on the purity.  Many manufacturers have been known to cut the substance with other fillers that you really don’t know about and really don’t want to put into your body!

In addition to considering the purity of the substance, keep in mind that you really shouldn’t mix this supplement with other weight loss solutions.  It’s highly effective at reducing appetite and increasing metabolism without messing with your healthy blood pressure and heart rate levels [1].  That will not be the case if you are to mix it with other supplements though.  You can cause irreparable damage to your cardiovascular system if you stress the metabolic state of your body to those limits.  If you’re on some sort of stacking cycle, be sure to look closely at the nutrition and ingredients label of anything you’re taking already to determine if it has a weight loss supplement involved… before it’s too late!

Don’t Get Us Wrong – Synephrine is Considered Safe!

We don’t mean to be all doom and gloom about Synephrine.  We just need to make sure you’re not going to accidentally cause more harm than good.  Assuming you are being responsible and ingesting Synephrine without any other weight loss supplements, then you’re really in for a treat!  There are few weight loss products on the market that have been as thoroughly studied AND have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on the stimulation of your metabolism [2].

Unlike the ugly sister of Synephrine, Ephedra, the U.S.D.A. has not banned Synephrine from public consumption because there is no evidence that bitter orange alone can raise blood pressure or cause heart attack. Note that the NCAA HAS unfortunately banned the substances derived from the bitter orange from use in the different athletic circles that it presides over.  This isn’t for health reasons so much as it is for equality among college athletes.

Ephedra, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs.  Though it’s just as effective as Synephrine in appetite suppression and stimulating the metabolism, it’s considered far more harmful to your cardiovascular system.

Additional Benefits of Synephrine

In addition to being used successfully as a weight loss aid, bitter orange has been shown to slow and even reverse ringworm, jock itch, and athlete’s foot infections.  Bitter orange can also be helpful when it comes to the common fungal infections that humans unfortunately contract from time to time.  People have treated various fungal infections such as the aforementioned by applying bitter orange oil directly to the infected areas on the skin [2].  Depression and anxiety have also been treated with the use of bitter orange over the years.  It isn’t going to be like your Zoloft in that regard, but isn’t a reduction in anxiety a nice side-benefit?  Nobody likes needless anxiety.

Potential Side Effects of Synephrine

What side effects?  No adverse side effects have been found from taking bitter orange when taken in moderation and complete isolation from other weight loss products [3].

The Many Faces of Bitter Orange

Synephrine is marketed in three different forms, primarily.  The powder form is the most common and likely the one that you’re going to want to use.  Synephrine in powder form is often the most effective since it’s already partially broken down so that our bodies have less work to do during ingestion.  Obviously the less work there needs to be done during the ingestion process, the faster the substance can suppress our appetites and stimulate our metabolic state.  The only downside to powdered bitter orange is the ease of cutting for scammers.  It’s easy to hide other substances or fillers in a large tub of powder so that your average user can’t visually see they’re getting scammed and possibly ingesting something more dangerous. That’s why it’s extremely important to purchase products like Synephrine from reputable resources that publish their purity levels for each product they sell.

The second most common form of Synephrine is tablet or capsule form.  These pills need to be broken down by our bodies when ingested, so it’s more work for your liver and kidneys to get to the magical ingredients inside.  The capsule form is faster acting than a tablet but you can never really be sure what is in the capsule.  As a rule, steer clear of any bitter orange pill that claims to be far cheaper than the competition and is distributed by some tiny, third world country that you’ve never heard of before.  There’s a good chance you’re not getting what you’re paying for in those circumstances!  The upside of taking bitter orange pills?  Convenience.  You don’t need to bring a tub of crap around with you when you travel and you don’t need to measure anything,  Your single pill is enough to do the trick, so long as you’ve actually acquired what you shopped for.

The third and lesser popular form of bitter orange is the oil that is extracted directly from the fruit.  As we mentioned, the Synephrine oils are occasionally used to treat serious fungal infections.  Oils are also sometimes heated and the steam can be inhaled as a way to treat neurological problems like anxiety and attention deficit.  There are more common medications that big pharma is pushing to the general public so there isn’t too much research on the long-term effects of bitter orange when it comes to treating the psyche.

What Should I Take With Synephrine?

Let’s be clear.  There is absolutely no reason for you to take Synephrine if you’re not trying to lose weight.  If you’re trying to bulk up, don’t bother with the bitter orange doses. There are many products for building muscle, but Synephrine isn’t one of them. Synephrine  is literally only for people who have got some really stubborn fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise [4].  Other than those who are physically fit, it’s safe for the overweight and obese individuals to take doses of Synephrine to help them achieve the more fit and healthy lifestyle they’re longing for.

Now, if you have determined that Synephrine is in fact the best course of action for you, you need to know that there are a number of common supplements known to be 100% safe when ingesting in combination with bitter orange.  Many of the ingredients on the “safe supplement” list are substances that we’ve covered in this blog before.  On top of that, most of the supplements are as equally safe and effective in the production of lean muscle as bitter orange is for metabolic stimulation.  Here is a list of the 5 supplements that we’ve covered that are proven to be safely consumed in conjunction with Synephrine:

Protein – Likely the most common for athletes and body builders alike, protein powders are essential when it comes to the growth of our muscles.

Creatine – Protein and creatine go hand in hand.  Creatine is essential for those of us who are serious about the physique we’re displaying.  Be sure to check out our full guide on creatine if you’re looking for a little more information.

Beta-Alanine – Carnosine is the substance you’re trying to get into your muscular system so that your muscles get the most out of a workout.  You can’t get carnosine without beta-alanine.  Learn more about beta-alanine here.

Nitric Oxide Boosters – Stimulate the growth of your muscles by increasing blood flow during a rigorous workout.  This can be safely taken with Synephrine but it can counteract the appetite suppression.  The more energy you burn, the more your body wants to refuel with food.

Glutamine – Another item we’ve covered.  Glutamine can be taken in conjunction with Synephrine because they effect two completely different areas of the body.  Glutamine focuses on reducing the stressful side effects of a demanding exercise regimen while bitter orange aims to reduce appetite and increase metabolism.

Supplements to Avoid While Taking Synephrine

If there is a common theme that we’re trying to drill home in this whole article, it’s that Synephrine should not be mixed with other hunger suppressants or metabolism stimulants.  This is especially true if you have had heart troubles in the past or are known to have high blood pressure or unhealthy cholesterol levels.  Why are we taking so much time to drill this point home? Consuming the bitter orange fruit has a similar effect as cocaine to the unhealthy cardiovascular system.  Your heart rate will rise as your body’s metabolism works to get rid of that energy you’ve got stored around your belly in the form of visceral fat.  If you are to mix the substance with other medicines or supplements that have the same effect, you’re going to be at an increased risk of heart attack or stroke due to the unnecessary strain you’re putting on your body.

In addition to other weight loss supplements, caffeine should be avoided at all cost when taking Synephrine.  A cup of coffee is going to be fine but if you’re intending on taking a few caffeine pills prior to an intense workouts like we’ve covered in the past……… Don’t.  If you’re a high-intensity interval trainer, it’s almost a given that you have a hefty intake of caffeine.  You need to avoid the bitter orange and Synephrine solutions more than anybody does.  Even the healthiest of hearts is going to be under serious strain with both bitter orange and caffeine being metabolized.  Sure, your heart is healthy and you won’t have a heart attack.  In this scenario though, it’s almost definitely even worse.  Your heart could get up to such a high pace that you may stroke out or the heart will “burst,” causing almost immediate death.  We know it sounds dramatic and serious but that’s the point; getting your attention before it’s too late.  Be smart, be diligent, and be careful while planning out your weekly supplementation and there will be absolutely no reason to worry while supplementing with Synephrine as you travel down the seemingly endless road to physical perfection!


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