Chrysin – What Is It?

Chrysin what is it

We have briefly mentioned Chrysin a few times in the past.  That’s probably how you know that it is something that relates to body building and fitness.  We’ve really only covered the side effects when it comes to full blown supplementation and at some point, we’re going to get around to covering what the benefits of chrysin supplementation are.  For now though, we’re going to talk to you about what chrysin actually is.  Where does it come from?  How is it extracted?  What do we use it in?  Why is it extracted in the first place?


The What and Why – Post Cycle Therapy Products

As we have mentioned on our website, chrysin as a dietary supplement desired for its healthy testosterone support. It restores T-levels in users, especially athletes and bodybuilders [1]. Chrysin is also desired for its ability to maintain sexual health, boost antioxidant effects, and to control inflammation in the body [2].  At Vaxxen, we use chrysin in our Descend product to help return your hormone levels to optimal levels.  We’re not the only lab that’s made it a point to use chrysin in our products though, so keep an eye out.


The Where – What Does Chrysin Come From?

There are a variety of plants around the world that carry traces of chrysin.  Some of you will be pleased to learn that chrysin can only be derived from plants and will never be created synthetically or harvested from animals.  Typically found in passion flowers and honey comb, chrysin harvesting can take place on nearly every continent in the world.  Obviously winters are going to hinder the production, but anywhere there is a distinct summer season should be serviceable for either honey bees or passion flowers to grow… or both.


The How – How is it Commercially Harvested?

Honey bees usually take a certain amount of patience and training that not everybody has the stomach for.  Almost anybody with a plot of land can choose to grow crops.  There are farms built around the world that are dedicated to cultivating and harvesting passion fruits.  These plants also have flowers.  These flowers contain chrysin.  Many farmers have figured out that the flowers can be harvested and sold to pharma labs around the world just as the fruit can be harvested and sold to food distribution markets around the world.  Once the flowers have reached a lab, the lab has just a couple of days to extract the … extract … and use it in whatever medicine or supplement they’re manufacturing.

The Who

Men who have been on a rigorous supplementation cycle are going to want to bring their testosterone levels toward a more reasonable and normal baseline rate.  Although women can use chrysin, it’s mostly effective for men over the age of 20 years.  For men who use supplements that will alter their natural testosterone levels in any way, we strongly recommend getting yourselves a post-cycle supplement that’s rich with chrysin, much like Descend is.


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