Chrysin Benefits According to Chrysin Dosage

chrysin benefits

A few days ago, we published a blog post about chrysin that got some good looks and feedback.  In an attempt to better explain why you should be utilizing chrysin, we’re back to discuss the benefits with you.  Keeping in mind that you already are getting a good dose of chrysin if you’re using Descend, we’re going to discuss the different dosage levels and the benefits you will start to realize with each dosage increase.

Dosage – Chrysin Benefits Relationship

Chrysin is a little unique in comparison to most of the supplements we talk about in this blog.  It’s one of a very few that have multiple benefits but the benefits you notice will change based on the amount you’re consuming, the frequency you consume, and when you actually ingest.  Here is a list of the benefits you will notice when you practice the different levels of chrysin supplementation:

  • Improved Reproductive System (50mg daily) – Based off a study on adult rats, chrysin can positively affect the male reproductive organs. Increasing testosterone levels and decreasing abnormal sperm rates means that chrysin should be successful in treating male infertility.  This study was generated in 2012 and as of last year, multiple human studies have taken place.  At 50mg per day, you’re approaching the Descend level of chrysin supplementation [1].
  • Neurological Changes (250mg daily) – A small dose of chrysin each and every day can lead to positive neurological changes. Reduction in anxiety and improved cognition have been found to lead people to more positive lifestyles.  Chrysin can be found in antianxiety and depression medications and is especially effective after long term supplementation when combined with other neurologically beneficial medicines [2].
  • Elevated testosterone (300mg daily) – Males can leverage chrysin to increase the natural testosterone levels they produce. Older males tend to realize the most significant increases, improving workouts and sexual prowess [3].
  • Improved metabolism (400mg daily) – At 400mg per day, you’ll start to maximize metabolic benefits of chrysin. Speeding your metabolism is one of the most desirable effects for those who are looking to stay at a caloric deficit and burn off visceral fat deposits without losing much in the way of energy.  Daily use will ensure your metabolism finds a new “norm” so that you can really get the most out of your cardio workouts and maximize fat burn [4].
  • Lean Muscle Mass Gain (500mg daily) – The absolute max that you should be taking. 500mg of chrysin is a common capsule denomination when shopping on all the big player websites.  At 500mg you’ll be able to reap the testosterone benefits, realize the improved metabolism, and influence healthy lean muscle growth when you’re working out in the gym.  If you’re looking to get the absolute most out of your supplements that you can, consider maxing out at 500mg of chrysin each and every day.

Any more than 500mg and you’re actually going to be wasting your money and possibly causing problems to your kidneys and/or liver.  Be sure to mix chrysin with milk thistle if you wish to prevent any damage to those organs.  Consider sprinkling in some ubiquinol to maximize fat burn and muscle gain benefits.  That is, of course, if you’re not taking Descend which happens to contain all three!


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