Where Can You Buy Red Yeast Rice?

where to buy red yeast rice

All. Over. The. Place.  Seriously – We’re going to explore the different places where you can buy your red yeast rice because there are so many different options to choose from.  That’s a stark difference from the usual reason we write these where to buy articles.  Having so many choices to choose from can cause confusion, frustration, and ultimately… lack of action!  We’re hoping to prevent that from being the case.

Reviewing this article we wrote about what red yeast rice is will help you narrow down your choices of where you can buy red yeast rice.  Not every form of red yeast rice will be available from all of the possible sellers.


So Where Can You Buy Red Yeast Rice?

We’ve decided to break the post down to four categories based on the forms you can buy, and the efficacy in regards to fitness.  Each will provide you with similar levels of success and the previously mentioned benefits like reducing heart disease[i] issues and decreasing cholesterol[ii].


#4 – Paste – Creams and ointments.  Red yeast rice can be used as a natural healing assist, particularly in regards to burns and rashes.  Only small bits of the benefits that we care about are realized through low level skin absorption so we’re listing red yeast rice pastes as last in order of importance/efficacy.  These creams and ointments can be purchased at your local pharmacy.


#3 – Powder – Perhaps the most popular form of supplementation when it comes to the body building and fitness world.  Powdered versions of red yeast rice are available at your local health and fitness goods dealer as well as at the big player stores like GNC.  Sometimes you can find combo powders to be mixed with water or milk.  Though tubs of powders for mixes and shakes are increasingly more popular for supplements as a whole, that’s not really the case for red yeast rice so we have it listed at #3.


#2 – Mash – Not exactly a popular choice, but undeniably effective.  Red yeast rice can be made into “mash” and sold at natural or organic grocery stores.  Asianries commonly carry mash to be used for culinary purposes, particularly when it comes to deserts and snack items like humus.  The Chinese have been using red yeast rice in pastries for centuries.  Consumption is always going to be effective which is why we listed mash at a close second to the #1 preferred method of supplementation.


#1 – Capsules/Tablets – Beyond a shadow of the doubt, the most effective and best bang for buck.  Capsules and tablets can pack more punch than any other method of supplementation without adding calories or any work involved.  We suggest taking a look at our Descend product but you can get your red yeast rice supplements from a variety of online stores and labs.



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