Kingdom Come

Unlock Extreme Muscle Growth

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1 x Androxx

1-DHEA - Lean Muscle Anabolic Agent

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1 x Axxis

4-DHEA - Mass Anabolic Agent

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1 x Norexx

19-Nor - Lean Mass Anabolic Agent  

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1 x Pillar

On Cycle Support

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1 x Vaxxstane

Aromatase Inhibitor

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1 x Descend

Post Cycle Support

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$399.94 $339.94

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Discover Massive Muscle Gains

The kingdom Come Stack Defies Ordinary Growth

The KINGDOM COME STACK is a powerful, carefully structured, tried-and-true combination of 6 highly-potent in-demand Vaxxen formulas. If you want everything necessary for a full cycle of insane muscle growth, then you’ll love KINGDOM COME.

Here’s an all-in-one stack for all things muscle – muscle mass, hardness, definition, endurance, pumps, and recovery. Plus, you’re covered when it comes to significant boosts in size, strength, and stamina. With KINGDOM COME, you get the total package of potent, uniquely-dosed muscle-building agents – including on-cycle support and post-cycle therapy.

Individually, each premium Vaxxen product in this stack works extremely well to get the job done. Yet combine ANDROXX, AXXIS, and NOREXX in this powerhouse muscle-building stack, and you can expect mind-blowing muscle gains in one single cycle. KINGDOM COME also gives your body protective support during the cycle with PILLAR, and afterward your body is treated to restorative therapy with DESCEND. To top it all off, VAXXSTANE works around the clock – during and after your cycle – to stop the inevitable estrogen-related effects of intense training and supplementation.

Get everything you need for your muscle-building journey with Vaxxen’s KINDGDOM COME STACK. Accelerate muscle growth, optimize muscle recovery, enhance strength gains, and improve training endurance. KINGDOM COME is the all-round comprehensive approach to extreme muscle growth.




    Here’s the must-have muscle-builder for anyone seeking extreme lean growth. ANDROXX (1-DHEA) delivers the ultimate experience in “anabolic-like” gains. With its effective two-step process, it works to boost testosterone levels and combat those dreadful estrogenic effects.

    By using “time-releasing” esters and an innovative liposomal delivery system, ANDROXX helps bring about lots of lean, dry muscle gains. Muscle thickening, muscle growth, and enhanced testosterone are all benefits offered by these esters. For even faster, better results, the liposomal delivery system boosts the bioavailability and absorption of every dose.



    Whether you struggle to get bigger or are simply ready to shatter limitations for significant size, strength, and muscle gains, AXXIS will help you get it done.

    By helping to elevate the body’s HGH and IGF-1, AXXIS makes it possible for you to experience more strenuous workouts, enhanced performance, increased strength, and massive gains. Due to the agent’s exclusive liposomal technology, each specially formulated dose passes freely through the body to provide almost 100% conversion and absorption.

    Combining AXXIS with ANDROXX and NOREXX gives you the ultimate all-in-one extreme muscle-building stack. Build massive muscle fast



    For extreme muscle growth, consistency is crucial. It requires the body to stay in an anabolic state for as much time as possible. NOREXX is a lean mass anabolic agent specifically designed to do just that. In fact, it’s a potent pro-anabolic precursor that’s six times more anabolic than testosterone. And the body metabolizes NOREXX much slower than testosterone, resulting in a considerably low estrogen conversion.

    NOREXX is especially effective because of its 3 carefully chosen ingredients: (1) a powerful pro-hormone, (2) two time-releasing esters, and (3) the liposomal delivery system. That’s why stacking NOREXX with AXXIS (4-DHEA) and ANDROXX (1-DHEA) helps builds staggering amounts of muscle – fast.



    Every serious muscle-building cycle requires strenuous training and nutritional supplementation, which place stress upon your body and its organs. That’s why the protection, preservation, and support of the body’s organs is an important part of every extreme muscle-building cycle.

    PILLAR is specially formulated to protect, support, and detoxify the liver during your cycle of supplementation and hardcore training. It also combats inflammation, free radicals, and exercise-induced oxidative damage.

    During your cycle with NOREXX, ANDROXX, and AXXIS, use PILLAR to help take care of the inside of your body – including the liver and prostate.




    VAXXSTANE is a priceless part of every cycle of muscle building, strenuous training, and supplementation. Without it, your physique and body are exposed to the undesirable side effects of elevated cortisol and estrogen levels, including gynecomastia (man boobs), low libido, bloating, water retention, and prolonged recovery.

    VAXXSTANE contains an effective aromatase inhibitor to help (1) destroy the “aromatase” enzyme involved in the body’s biosynthesis of estrogen, (2) decrease the production of cortisol, and (3) provide weight-loss support. Use VAXXSTANE during and/or after your muscle-building cycle with the KINGDOM COME STACK (NOREXX, ANDROXX, and AXXIS) to help prevent annoying water retention, man boobs (gynecomastia), and other estrogenic effects.



    Successfully wrap up your muscle-building cycle of strenuous training and supplementation with DESCEND

    The ultimate post-cycle therapy (PCT). Without it, you risk nasty side effects like the loss of all your massive muscle gains.

    As a post-cycle therapy, DESCEND helps rebalance hormones, revitalize major organs, and optimize recovery. It also helps restore the body’s hormones and internal organs to optimal levels.

    After completing your muscle-building cycle with the KINGDOM COME STACK, use DESCEND to keep all your gains, boost energy levels, recharge your body, and reduce recovery time.