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1 x Androxx

1-DHEA - Lean Muscle Anabolic Agent

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1 x Axxis

4-DHEA - Mass Anabolic Agent

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1 x Norexx

19-Nor - Lean Mass Anabolic Agent  

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1 x Pillar

On Cycle Support

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1 x Vaxxstane

Aromatase Inhibitor

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1 x Descend

Post Cycle Support

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WheyXX Birthday Cake

1 x WheyXX

Whey Protein Blend

Fulcrum Sour Apple

1 x Fulcrum

Pre Workout


$476.92 $401.92

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Haters are going to hate… let them. You’re on another level thanks to the GAME CHANGER STACK. They only hate you because they aren’t you. They hate the fact that your physique has changed. They hate the fact that you are gaining lean muscle mass easier than them. They hate the fact that you’re walking around with a rock-hard and vascular physique. They aren’t playing on the same team as you and don’t understand the power of the GAME CHANGER STACK. When you want to completely transform your physique by adding quality lean muscle mass and getting as freakishly hard as possible, this is THE stack for you

Go ahead and push your body to the limits in the gym – we’ve got your back. The GAME CHANGER STACK combines lean mass agents, a pre-workout, on cycle support, post cycle support, an aromatase inhibitor, and of course we couldn’t exclude the best tasting protein powder on the market. (1) Help boost your testosterone levels to add quality mass, (2) manage estrogen levels to get your physique rock hard, (3) crush it in the gym with a powerful pre-workout, and (4) maintain the health of your blood panel and blood pressure. We thought of it all when creating this stack – and you’re going to love the results.

We took eight (8) of our innovative products to bring you one game-changing stack in order to help pack on the quality mass you’re looking for. You’ve never experienced anything quite like this – the strength of these eight products combined into one powerful stack… and that’s a good thing. It’s time to elevate your physique and results with the help of our GAME CHANGER STACK.


Fulcrum Tropical Tart


    This powerhouse of a pre-workout will help take your workouts to a whole new level. A formula so powerful that you might have never experienced anything like it been before. It has the ability to help (1) reduce fatigue and exhaustion, (2) improve endurance, (3) enhance performance, (4) attain skin-tightening pumps, and (5) boost energy levels.

    The formulation found in FULCRUM is loaded with 5 patented ingredients with clinical studies to back their claims and allow you to get the most out of each and every rep. Spark the production of ATP to fuel your workouts without jitters or crashes, improve nutrient absorption to ensure you benefit from ALL the ingredients in FULCRUM, and give yourself a better opportunity to increase lean mass gains and muscle growth by enhancing your strength and stamina. Break through plateaus and PRs during the most grueling workouts with the help of FULCRUM.

    Your workouts will never be the same thanks to the potent formula found in FULCRUM. Combine FULCRUM with the muscle-building properties found in WHEY XX and you have yourself the ability to completely transform your physique.


WheyXX Blueberry Muffin


    Promote more muscle growth, protein synthesis, and a bigger, more muscular physique with WHEY XX. Your body requires high-quality protein to help (1) repair the muscles you break down in the gym, (2) build new muscle, and (3) recover. WHEY XX is a premium whey protein blend formulated with whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate (WPI), sunflower creamer, and two digestive enzymes so you get bigger, better, and faster results.

    WHEY XX gives you 24 grams of high-quality protein per serving and only 125 calories with almost no fat or carbs. Reaching your daily protein requirement while keeping carbs and calories to a minimum is now easier than ever. Increase size, mass, and muscle without gaining a bunch of body fat.

    Energize your body with FULCRUM and follow it up with the most delicious protein shake you’ll ever drink, WHEY XX. Let the gains begin!



    Whether you’re a “hard-gainer” struggling to get bigger or an athlete or fitness fanatic ready to blast through limitations, AXXIS is formulated to help produce serious strength and muscle gains. AXXIS will help you break through plateaus for rapid results.

    The specially formulated profile found in AXXIS is designed to help boost your body’s testosterone levels to allow for an even more intense workout, better performance, greater strength, and bigger gains. Using patented liposomal technology, every dose passes unimpeded through the body to promote an almost complete conversion and absorption rate of 99%.

    AXXIS gives you our most potent mass-building anabolic agent that was specifically formulated to stimulate rapid size and strength gains. It’s a prohormone that the body can produce naturally, known as 4-DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Inside the body, DHEA’s role is to boost the production of testosterone and estrogen. The result is improved blood flow to muscles, production of essential hormones, muscle strength, and more.

    When you stack AXXIS with ANDROXX, massive body transformation, strength, and lean muscle gains are all within reach.



    Get ready for insane gains and even more lean muscle. ANDROXX is an advanced muscle-builder that uses a special two-step process to boost the body’s testosterone levels without the ugly estrogenic side effects. The result? Lean muscle and strength gains – fast.

    ANDROXX uses “time-releasing” esters and a patented liposomal delivery system for ultimate lean and dry muscle gains. The esters offer testosterone-enhancing benefits, muscle growth, and muscle thickening. The liposomal delivery system increases the bioavailability and absorption of each dose for faster, better results.

    By using ANDROXX as part of this stack, you UNLEASH your body’s full potential. Laugh at limitations. And get the body you deserve.



    For impressive muscle growth, consistency is key. You need to maximize the time your body is in an anabolic state. This is where NOREXX comes into play. It is a potent pro-anabolic precursor that’s six times more anabolic than testosterone. Plus, the body metabolizes NOREXX slower than testosterone for significantly lower estrogen conversion.

    What makes NOREXX so effective are 3 carefully selected ingredients: (1) a powerful prohormone, (2) two time-releasing esters, and (3) the liposomal delivery system. That’s why stacking NOREXX with AXXIS and ANDROXX will help you build a muscular body.



    Strenuous training and nutritional supplementation place the body and its organs under a substantial amount stress. That’s why it’s important to protect and preserve your body’s organs from such negative side effects.

    PILLAR supports, protects, and detoxifies the liver during cycles of supplementation (even prohormones) and strenuous training protocols. It’s also formulated to help the body destroy free radicals, reduce inflammation, combat exercise-induced oxidative damage, and maintain a healthy blood pressure while on-cycle.

    While building a peak physique with ANDROXX and AXXIS, you can help take care of the inside of your body – including the liver and prostate – by using PILLAR during your cycle. PILLAR gives your body and organs the support they need stay healthy and functioning properly.



    When looking for a peak physique with a hard, ripped appearance, VAXXSTANE is a critical addition to any intense training program and supplementation cycle. Without it, you’re vulnerable to the unwanted side effects of elevated estrogen and cortisol such as bloating, water retention, gynecomastia, low libido, and sluggish recovery.

    VAXXSTANE is formulated with an effective aromatase inhibitor that helps (1) destroy the enzyme “aromatase,” which plays a key role in the body’s biosynthesis of estrogen, (2) reduce cortisol production, and (3) support weight loss.

    During and after your cycle with ANDROXX and AXXIS, VAXXSTANE works nonstop to help prevent unwanted side effects that can blur your muscles and slow your results.



    Every successful cycle of hardcore training and supplementation includes an effective, pre-planned post-cycle therapy (PCT). Otherwise, you’ll face some unpleasant side effects, including the loss of all your gains.

    DESCEND gives you the perfect post-cycle therapy to help restore the body’s hormones and internal organs to optimal levels. It’s a specially formulated PCT to help you keep all your hard-earned gains, boost your energy levels, recharge your body, and improve recovery time at the end of your cycle.

    After completing your cycle with ANDROXX and AXXIS, use DESCEND for optimal recovery, hormone rebalancing, and results. Plus, each dose of DESCEND contains ingredients to help boost natural testosterone levels while revitalizing the kidneys, liver, prostate, and other major organs.