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Push yourself beyond the limit.  Your time in the gym should be intense.  You’re not there to talk.  You’re there to put in the necessary work and leave.  Fulcrum provides unmatched energy, mental focus, muscle-swelling pumps, and superior performance to get you through the most grueling workouts.  Elevate your training with Fulcrum!

Sour Apple
Tropical Tart
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The word FULCRUM is defined as “a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity or situation.” And that’s exactly what Vaxxen Labs Fulcrum does when it comes to your training. Your entire workout will be changed and elevated with just one scoop. In fact, you might even want to start off with half of a scoop to assess your tolerance – that’s how powerful the formula is.

With five patented and clinically-researched ingredients included in the formula, Fulcrum can help you demolish your personal bests on your way to achieving the ultimate physique. Containing ingredients so potent that you can achieve unimaginable muscle pumps, clean energy, enhanced performance, rapid recovery and endurance, and the ability to push yourself harder and longer each and every time you step into the gym. With Fulcrum, all excuses are thrown out the window.

Maximize Your Workouts*

All-in-one pre-workout powerhouse to fuel serious workouts.

  • Heightened Mental Focus*

Dial in your training with a strong mind-muscle connection and establish tunnel vision during your workouts to stimulate more muscle fiber recruitment and help build the size you demand.


  • Increased Energy & Strength*

Work out with more intensity and elevate your training by improving energy levels – boosting strength and stamina to improve performance and help you achieve your goals.

  • Intense Pumps & Vascularity*

Achieve skin-tightening pumps that accentuate your lean and muscular physique and vascularity. Enhance blood flow out to the working muscles to supply them with the nutrients they need to allow you to push harder and longer during intense workouts.

Patented technology at the heart of Fulcrum:

  • Dynamine®

    This purine alkaloid is found in the Kucha tea leaf and can help enhance focus, energy, alertness, and mood without elevating your heart rate or blood pressure. Dynamine® accomplishes this by stimulating the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine (energy neurotransmitters). It also has the ability to activate dopamine receptors to enhance the body’s dopamine response and release to improve cognitive functioning and bodily functions. Dynamine® can help improve (1) energy production, (2) mental focus, (3) mind-muscle connection, (4) lipolysis (fat-burning), (5) mood, (6) oxygen utilization, and (7) skeletal muscle contraction.

  • ElevATP®

    ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production is extremely important to athletes and weightlifters alike when it comes to performing at a high level. ElevATP® is a clinically-researched extract combination of apple and ancient fossilized plants (peat) that spark the production of ATP (the body’s predominant source of energy). ElevATP® can help you (1) enhance your performance, (2) improve body composition, (3) boost power output, (4) reduce the effects of fatigue, and (5) increase strength and lean muscle gains.

  • Teacrine®

    Teacrine® is a supplement naturally found in Kucha tea (specifically Camilla assamica), coffee, as well as some exotic fruits. It helps reduce fatigue by inhibiting adenosine and extends the ability to train at peak performance over a longer duration. The structure of Teacrine® is similar to that of caffeine which can help increase energy levels and stamina. An added benefit of Teacrine® is that it allows for a slower and smoother energy source that prevents the unpleasant side effects of jitters, irritability, and the unsightly crash that follows. This innovative supplement is capable of providing (1) lasting energy, (2) heightened mental focus, (3) improved mood, and (4) increased motivation.

  • Infinergy®

    Unlike caffeine anhydrous, Infinergy® (di-caffeine malate) provides lasting energy without the jitters by combining caffeine and malic acid. This combination, thanks to malic acid, helps buffer caffeine by protecting the stomach from the typical discomfort associated with caffeine anhydrous. Infinergy® provides (1) smoother and better digestion of caffeine, (2) lasting energy without a crash, (3) a boost in mental concentration and focus, (4) improved performance, and (5) enhanced thermogenesis (the ability for the body to produce heat).

  • Capsorb®

    Capsorb® (Sodium caprate) is a bioavailability booster and nutrient absorption promoter that helps the body retain and utilize the ingredients found in a supplement formula. Unfortunately, many powerful ingredients in products are never fully absorbed to produce the most benefits and are eliminated by the body without ever being shuttled to the working muscles to be utilized. Capsorb® is essential for allowing you to (1) fully absorb and unlock the total effect of each ingredient found in a formulation, (2) attain superior performance, (3) achieve explosive energy, and (4) maintain extraordinary endurance.

Fulcrum Ingredients



As a dietary supplement mix 1 scoop in 8-10oz. of water 15-20 minutes before your workout on training days. Due to extreme potency one should assess tolerance with ½ scoop.


For use by healthy adults only, not recommended for persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals should not consume other caffeinated products in conjunction with this product. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you have any preexisting medical condition to ensure it is safe to take this product. Keep out of reach of children.

How is Fulcrum different than other pre-workout supplements on the market?

Here’s the honest truth. You won’t find any other product on the market with 19 fully dosed ingredients, no proprietary blends, and five trademarked ingredients. We’ve combined the elements necessary for explosive pumps, laser focus, and long-lasting energy WITHOUT the dreaded crash. Fulcrum is a versatile product that can fit anywhere into your daily routine.

When should I take Fulcrum?

Take the recommended dose 30 minutes prior to your workout. You can take it with or without food.

How much total caffeine is in Fulcrum?

There are 287mg of active caffeine in 1 serving/scoop of Fulcrum.

Will Fulcrum cause me to fail a drug test?

There are no banned substances or ingredients in Fulcrum that will cause a positive or false positive on any drug test.

I’m currently taking your fat burner (Cinerate). Can I still take Fulcrum?

Given the extreme potency and heavy stimulant load, we recommend spacing them 4-6 hours apart.


I work out late at night. Can I still take Fulcrum?

We advise against taking Fulcrum near bedtime given its caffeine and stimulant contents.



What is the tingling feeling from?

Don’t worry, that’s just the Beta Alanine phenomenon known as “paresthesia” and is completely normally and safe. It is caused by the clinical dosage of Beta Alanine needed to unlock its amazing benefits such as: aerobic endurance, muscle mass, strength, and power output.




6 reviews for Fulcrum

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    jessica2008 (verified owner)

    I don’t know if it’s the vitamins or the caffeine, but this stuff gets you going. I take it in the morning before I go to the gym and I definitely notice the difference in energy level. I don’t love the taste, but it’s not terrible. Looking forward to new flavors.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    gonzalez_crmn (verified owner)

    Best Preworkout Supplement
    I have tried many preworkout supplements and I must say this is the best one out there. I 1 scoop right before my training and I feel stronger and have more energy. Unlike some others I’ve tried, I never crash after the workouts. I recommend Fulcrum 100%.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    rungirl21 (verified owner)

    Super energy
    I feel like I zoom through the workout on the days I remember to take Fulcrum. I get a burst of eneergy and it’s awesome. I wish it came in different flavors so I could switch it up every day for something different but this does exactly what its supposed to do.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn Herring (verified owner)

    No jitters
    Most pre workouts give me energy but the caffeine makes me jittery and unfocused. I tried Fulcrum as a last resort to help make my workouts better and I’m happy I did. There is just the right amount of caffeine to help me focus and the energy boost is perfect and without the jitters.Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to work harder at the gym.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Vaxxen Labs is a newer company which I had never heard of before until they put their products on the trooper program. When I saw this posted on the trooper program I had to check it out. After seeing the ingredient profile for this I was rather impressed and figured I would give it a try. This I will say was a pre-workout I was really glad I decided to give a try. This is a very good well rounded pre-workout that will help you in a lot of different areas.

    Ingredient Profile
    First I want to thank Vaxxen Labs for not using any prop blends in this and fully disclose everything they put in here. What I really like about this is that it has a nice well rounded list of ingredients to help you with Energy and strength, pumps and vascularity, and tunnel vision. I like that they give you a decent amount of caffeine at 350mg, You also get some B6 and B12 vitamins to help with some energy.

    You get L-citrulline malate 4g, agmatine 1g, and Beta alanine 2.5g for pumps and vascularity.

    Oxystorm (red spinach extract) 500mg. is an excellent source of potassium (about 8%) which is vital for physical performance. In a clinical trial conducted at the University of Auburn concluded that Oxystorm causes a significant increase in plasma nitrate and thus – nitric oxide. In the human body, increases of nitric oxide helps reduce fatigue experienced during exercise by improving the body’s ability to convert energy. The energy increase experienced from taking OxyStorm does not cause the “jitters” or the crash that often comes from similar alkaloid stimulants.

    Halostachine 20mg is similar in chemical structure and function to ephedrine. It’s a beta adrenergic agonist but is thought to be less potent than ephedrine and therefore, a safer alternative. Clinical studies found no significant increases of heart rate when taking Halostachine. When consumed, Halostachine stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, adrenaline and noradrenaline, into the bloodstream. People taking Halostachine experience increased focus and alertness, and an increase of energy. In the body, Halostachine helps lipolysis, the process of breaking down and releasing fatty acids.

    This comes in one flavor bombsicle. This reminded me a lot of those bombsicle popsicles I used to eat when I was a kid. Unlike what warmachine said in his review for this I thought overall this was pretty good and had a nice taste to it. I know not everyone is always going to like the same flavor and we both disagreed on this flavor but that’s ok. It is a little on the strong side in the way of taste but I liked that and think it made it taste better by them doing that. This was a little on the sweet side I noticed but I did not mind that but know some may not like that. I never really found there to be to much of any kind of chemical taste to this or any weird after taste. This was something I looked forward to drinking each time.

    Had no real issues with mixing. When mixed it does cause a lot of foam to form on the top. I noticed there was about a good inch of foam on top. Not real sure what caused all of this form but it did not bother me. Also I like that they do not use any dyes in this. I don’t need some kind of fancy color to make it look better. I just need it to taste good and work. This looked like ice tea when mixed. Dosing is real simple. For me I used one scoop about 15-20 before my workout. If your someone who is not as stim tolerant you may want to start out with 1/2 scoop and work your way up to one full scoop. I never really felt the need to do more than one scoop just because of all the heavy stims they put in here.

    I found this to be a rather effective pre-workout for me. It has a nice well round list of ingredients to help you in a lot of different areas which I really liked about this. For this being a little heavy on stims I felt it gave me some pretty good energy that was consistent and lasted me a long time. It never gave me that jittery or cracked out feeling which was nice. The energy I got from this felt like a more clean like energy which I really liked. I know there where a few times I would feel really tired from working all day and as soon as I took this I could really start to feel this got my energy level to go up.

    My overall endurance from this I think was really improved. I felt on days when I was really hitting it hard or doing a lot of sets and reps this really helped keep me going more. I felt like I could keep going longer and needed a lot less time between sets. I know my breathing seemed to stay more calm like and was better able to control it. I noticed on days when I was really hitting it hard I would really start to sweat a lot from this. I don’t usually sweat a real lot but with this I really noticed it. Some days I had that like dripping sweat from my forehead. The only time I seemed to noticed the intense like sweating was on days when I would really up my workouts and was hitting it a lot harder. On days when I was not hitting it as hard I did not noticed the sweating as much. Fulc

    The pumps and vascularity from this I thought where pretty decent. I do a lot of high volume training and I noticed the pumps I was getting seemed to be a lot more consistent. I felt like my muscles where more swole at times and had that more fuller look to them. The pumps I got where decent nothing that was really painful like. I know some days I felt like I was getting more blood flow because the pumps I was getting were really noticeable. I know my veins at times seemed to pop a lot more. My forearms I noticed had more of those road map like veins popping. It was nothing real crazy like but enough to notice it was doing something vascularity wise.

    My overall focus I thought was really good. I felt like I could really lock into my workouts better and tune out other distractions I tend to have while working out. The tunnel vision it gave me was really good. It’s always a big plus when you can get that laser like mental focus and tunnel vision. I felt I could really stay on track with my workouts a lot better because of the good mental focus this gave me.

    My strength gains from this seemed to really go up a bit. I know from where I was on a lot of lifts when I started taking this to where I was when I finished this I noticed some decent gains. My lifts seemed to go a lot better and I felt a lot better overall when working out in general. I felt like I had that extra drive to really push through some of those more difficult workouts.

    Right now the only two places you can get this is on Vaxxen Labs website and amazon. On both sites they want $39.99 for 25 servings. I think this is just a little on the high side. I prefer pre-workouts to be priced around 30 to low 30’s dollar range at most. I would like to see them up this to 30 servings instead 25. That I think would help on the value a little. Hopefully some other sites can start carrying this product line because I know that would help to get the price down a little.

    Side Effects
    Nothing I noticed.

    This was a pre-workout I was really pleased with and have to say probably one of the better pre-workouts I have tried. For this being a new pre-workout from a newer company I think they did a really good job on this product. What I really liked about this is that you get a wide variety of ingredients to help you in a lot of different areas which was nice. This is kind like your all in one pre-workout. I think this is more than worth giving a try if you get the chance. I really hope this company can make it and we can start seeing their products on a few other sites. I would like to see them expand on their flavors a little so you can switch flavors and not get tired of just one flavor all the time. This will be a pre-workout I would for sure use again. I am really looking forward to seeing what this company comes out with in terms of new products since this was such a great product. Again I want to give a big shout out to Vaxxen Labs for making this product and letting me have the chance to try it.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben Petronelli (verified owner)

    Best pre workout out on the market. gives insane focus, energy, and pump all in one

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