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Reshape your physique by eliminating excess body fat. Cinerate lets you increase your energy and improve your mental focus while burning fat. You’ll eat less because it’s an appetite suppressant, which means you’ll see faster results in your quest to get into the leanest possible shape.

Shred The Fat*

Cinerate eliminates hunger and burns excess body fat.

You’re working hard at the gym to build lean muscle and change the shape of your body. Get rid of that extra layer of body fat so you can see the results!

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Descreased Appetite*

Get your body into a caloric deficit and watch the fat melt off your body, revealing the muscles underneath.

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Improved Focus*

Cinerate helps increase your mental clarity. Put that focus to work for you in the gym.

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Increase Energy*

More energy makes it possible to work out harder and longer for big results – both in scorching calories and burning fat and improve your lean muscle mass.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Energy Up With TeaCrine®

A special ingredient in Cinerate delivers focus, extreme energy, and concentration to help your break through any performance plateaus that have preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. Best of all, TeaCrine® delivers the increased energy and motivation with no crash or “hangover” afterward. You won’t experience high blood pressure and it’s not a stimulant – so no unwelcome shakes like you might get with caffeine!


When is the best time to take Cinerate?

When you wake up, before eating breakfast, you should take Cinerate. It will yield the best results on an empty stomach at the start of your day. However, this also will cause increased sensitivity to such stimulants. To minimize any potential sensitivity to stimulants, we suggest starting with 1 pill to assess your tolerance and working your way up to the recommended serving size of 3 capsules. Because Cinerate is loaded with 275mg of Caffeine Anhydrous and other energy factors – we don’t recommend washing them down with your morning coffee.

What is TeaCrine?

TeaCrine is a patent-pending compound containing pure theacrine. It improves cognitive function, motivation and mood, while providing a clean-sustainable energy – all while NOT raising your heart rate.

Why does your fat burner have so many stimulants?

While stimulants are not for everyone, neither are overpriced proprietary fat burning blends that really consist of nothing more than cheap ingredients and fillers. Stimulants suppress the feeling of hunger and fatigue, all while working to force fat cells to excrete their contents into the bloodstream, thus, making them an integral component in fat burning products that actually work.

What is special about Octopamine?

According to a clinical study, when Octopamine was put in a test tube with fat cells – the fat cells ultimately released their contents (lipolysis).

What is Halostachine?

Halostachine is similar in chemical structure and function to ephedrine. It’s a beta adrenergic agonist but is thought to be less potent than ephedrine and therefore, a safer alternative. Clinical studies found no significant increases of heart rate when taking Halostachine. When consumed, Halostachine stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, adrenaline and noradrenaline, into the bloodstream. People taking Halostachine experience increased focus and alertness, and an increase of energy. In the body, Halostachine helps lipolysis, the process of breaking down and releasing fatty acids.

I have problems controlling my appetite, will this fat burner help me?

Absolutely! While many of the ingredients of Cinerate will help control even the heartiest of appetites, the 2-aminoisoheptane will crush your cravings and stop them dead in their tracks to allow you full self-control and the best results in reducing your calorie intake to promote weight loss.

I have a hard time making it through the day, can I take Cinerate to help me perform my best?

During times of lacking sleep, low carbohydrate or a tedious diet regime – your body is not functioning at its fullest. Cinerate can help you regain a clear cognitive function and energize your morning, day and workout to help you achieve your goals and reach your potential!

How often should I take Cinerate?

We suggest taking Cinerate consistently, each day, for 6-8 weeks at a time to obtain maximum results. Then, follow your 6-8 week cycle of Cinerate with 4 weeks off, to allow your body to down-regulate any tolerances that have been built up. We recommend starting with 1 capsule and working up to the full 3 capsule dosage per day. To avoid sleep issues, we propose taking your last dose in the early evening or before dinner rather than later at night when it can affect your ability to sleep.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    So I tried the protein powders – delicious. Now I’m on day 6 of the Cinerate. Started with 1 a day and now up to 2. I feel great, easy on the stomach which I was concerned about, no jitters and no crash. Definitely getting me thru my 12 hour night shift and I’m not hungry. I was at stand still with my weight so I was very happy to see it start coming off again, dropped 3 pounds and excited to get back on the scale. Thanks, Connor and Brody for the suggestion!

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