Where to Buy Tribulus Terrestris?


Shopping for and buying tribulus terrestris isn’t exactly like some of the other supplements that we’ve talked about, especially lately.  With the recent blog posts we’ve published covering all the awesome testosterone support proof and other benefits of tribulus terrestris, we understand that many of our readers, especially the males, are extremely interested [1].  We’d be remiss if we didn’t dedicate a post to the actual acquisition aspect because it’s not quite as simple as you’d assume.

Before you buy your tribulus terrestris you need to make sure you understand that side effects and the dosage.  You need to take in account just how much you’re going to need and what exactly you’re expecting to get out of your tribulus terrestris supplements.  From there, make sure you are buying your supplement in the correct form!

Buy the Correct Form of Tribulus Terrestris

That’s right.  Unlike most of the supplements that we talk about purchasing, tribulus terrestris is often marketed in seed form.  If you’re not interested in trying to grow your own, we suggest you pay close attention to the packaging information if you’re shopping around in local stores and even closer attention to the description blurbs if you’re shopping around on the internet.  Seeds can be used to home-grow your own tribulus terrestris but only the most patient of supplementors and green thumbs should consider that.  (Even if you’re extra leery of buying supplements from unknown organizations)

Should you be considering tribulus terrestris supplementation through culinary means, feel free to purchase the seeds.  The seeds can be used in a variety of home made breads, spices, and canning recipes, so not all is lost if you accidentally find yourself with a package of tribulus terrestris in seed form.

Where to Buy Tribulus Terrestris in Supplements

Apart from tribulus terrestris seeds, the only other option you’re going to find is premade supplements from manufacturers like Vaxxen.  We have already carefully formulated dosages for our users and taken all of the guesswork out of it.  Men can safely use the popular supplement cocktails to help with their on-cycle support and are actually encouraged to look for on cycle support supplements containing healthy doses of tribulus terrestris like our Pillar product.

Watch Out!

There are “competitors” all over the world that have been known to scam the body building and fitness markets.  Be sure to purchase your tribulus terrestris supplements from known sources with plenty of peer reviews, especially if you’re shopping online.  It’s unlikely that crappy, scam products are going to make it on to your local store shelves so if you feel more comfortable going that route for extra tribulus terrestris supplementation, by all means… do it.  But!  When you’re shopping online, keep in mind that it’s really easy to put something like oregano in a capsule and slap a sticker on a white bottle, calling it something else.  Unless you’ve got the equipment needed to actually test it, you’d be none the wiser.  Try to shop with the name brands that you trust, making sure they’ve been publicly reviewed and tested. – Even if their ratings aren’t as good as the no-name-brand, extra cheap bottle of stuff you’ve never heard of!


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