Where to Buy Protein Powder

where to buy protein powder

Whey protein powder is the number one supplement worldwide. There is no denying the overwhelming success proven out by literally hundreds of different published studies indicating the direct correlation between elevated protein ingestion and muscle recovery [1].  Fitness freaks and athletes everywhere do not consider working out without having a post-workout protein shake at the ready.  Doctors suggest protein powder mixes to compliment everything from the most modest to the most extreme weight loss diets.  These supplements can be found from thousands of different websites, hundreds of different stores, and are distributed from almost every continent on the planet.  How do we know which protein powder is right for us?  How do we know where to buy protein powder?

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

This is something that each and every one of us need to ask ourselves before making a purchase.  We need to understand how important the level of protein is in the powder during our selection process.  Are we interested in bulking up like crazy?  If so, you’re going to require something with a higher level of protein; Something from the isolated selection group of whey protein.  Are we interested in losing weight and fighting hunger during out diets?  If so, you’re going to require something with a more moderate level of protein, maybe mixed with some other ideal supplements like vitamins; Something from the concentrated selection group of whey protein would be good for you [2].

Taste Might Matter

Not everybody can drink the same mixes simply because of our pallets.  Some of us can handle the nastiest, grossest, strongest, and chalkiest garbage tasting things with the absolute worst after taste imaginable while others really struggle with anything that might not be as pleasant as the McDonald’s milkshake from down the street.  You don’t want to consume something that gives you an upset stomach.  While we were being a little facetious when we were talking about our two classes of people a second ago, there is at least some truth to it…

When protein is inherently bitter.  There are some other synthetic additives we can put in to mixes to help make the powder taste more appealing, but generally speaking, the better it tastes, the less effective it is.  Anything is better than nothing, but if you have something that tastes more like one of those McDonald’s milkshakes, you are probably drinking something on the lower end of the protein scale and higher end of the fat and caloric scales.  Try to find something you can tolerate drinking day, keeping in mind the more bitter the better.

VaxxenLab’s WheyXX

At Vaxxen, we’ve tried to create something that both tastes decent and provides you with the absolute best levels of protein possible.  Our Birthday Cake flavored WheyXX has been formulated to be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and low in fat.  WheyXX is unique because we don’t sacrifice taste while providing the protein levels you need to make your goals a reality.  WheyXX will promote positive nitrogen balance and put your body in the optimal state for muscle growth without giving you an upset stomach.


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