Where to Buy Nettle Root or Nettle Root Extract?

where to buy nettle root or nettle root extract

Hopefully you’re not getting sick of these “where to buy” articles.  We feel it’s important to identify all the different options our readers can choose from, emphasizing the pros and cons to every possible solution of acquisition.  This post is going to be a little bit different because we intend on splitting it up in to two categories:  Where to buy nettle root and where to buy nettle root extract.

Nettle root has been used for hundreds to thousands of years.  Documented in ancient medicines around the world, specifically from the Chinese, nettle root can be found in different herbal teas and dietary supplements for far longer than we’ve been obtaining the extract.  Truthfully, extracting the beneficial oil has only been something humans have been doing since modern science has allowed for that type of practice!

Where to Buy Nettle Root

The stinging nettle plants, also known as Urtica dioica, can be grown all around the world.  Growing both in the wild and in nettle farms, the various stinging nettle species are harvested in North America, Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa.  Fully organic farms have made it popular to bag and distribute dried nettle leaves by the pound through online markets like Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba.  Organic coffee shops and hipster bars make use of the leaves in culinary works and herbal teas.  Consider purchasing your own and looking up some recipes on the internet if you want to supplement through food consumption.

Do you have a green thumb?  Maybe you enjoy the satisfaction of production your own plants for supplementation?  Not unlike the fruits or veggies that you grow in a home garden, you can buy pre-potted stinging nettle plants[i] to plant on your property.  Perhaps the most cost-effective option, growing your own stinging nettle can be a challenge, but it pays in dividends.  Every year, you can harvest your own leaves to be dried and used in teas and baked goods.  Ask your local greenery or florist if they could acquire such a thing through their distributors.  They almost certainly will have the connections you need, even if they’ve never made the purchase before.

Lastly, simply looks around for all-natural, organic teas that contain nettle root or nettle root extract.  Both hot and cold brews can leverage the benefits of nettle root for taste and supplemental properties[ii].

Where to Buy Nettle Root Extract

Most of our readers are not about to try to grow their own nettle root.  For you, there are the more traditional methods of supplementation.  Look for nettle root extract as an ingredient in pre-mixed supplements sold by labs like ours.  Without a doubt the most effective supplementation, we’ve already done the work for you by identifying the other supplements and ingredients that can be mixed with nettle root to give you the best results for your goals.

Alternatively, nettle root extract can be found in oils and lotions if you’re looking to absorb your supplements through your skin.  Probably not as effective as oral consumption, lotions are an alternative that can improve your skin while providing you with small doses of the good stuff that you’re looking for.  Though expensive, these creams can often contain other ingredients providing other benefits.  Look online or check your local health goods store for interesting alternatives.



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