Where to Buy Mucuna Pruriens?

where to buy mucuna pruriens

Getting back down to the brass tax of supplementation business, we’re going to talk a bit about mucuna pruriens again today.  Rather than further drilling the benefits into your skull or continuing to warn you about the side effects, let’s take a gander at where you should buy your mucuna pruriens supplements [1].  Being as the side effects can really be quite dangerous, even more-so than the vast majority of supplements that we bring to your attention, we are going to tell you where you should get your mucuna pruriens supplements… not just offer up all the options like we usually do in these blog posts.

Note: Following dosage recommendations is paramount to having a successful mucuna pruriens supplementation cycle, ensuring results while lowering risk of side effects.

Where Can I Find Mucuna Pruriens?

First and foremost, it’s possible to find mucuna pruriens in a pure extract form out on the internet.  You’re not going to find this stuff in your local grocery stores or pharmacies as there aren’t many practical uses for pure mucuna pruriens.  Anybody who purchases almost sure is buying it as a fitness supplement or an ingredient in some higher level medication.  Extract can be purchased in liquid form and administered with a dropper.  A variety of competitors can be found on the big player sites like Amazon.

Alternatively, you can find a dried version of the extract on those same sites.  They can come in a powdered form that is administered using a measuring spoon, typically included within the packaging of the product.  Apart from the small containers of powder, the powder is sometimes capsulized and sold in that guise.

If this is the route that you really want to go for some reason, you can purchase vegetarian capsules that are manufactured keeping the ideal dosage levels in mind.  This will help protect you against the awful side effects that can occur, especially if overconsumption is experienced.  Most of these capsules will be comprised of something like 15 or 20 percent mucuna pruriens.

Where Should I Buy Mucuna Pruriens?

After much deliberation and research, we at Vaxxen feel that users should always get their Mucuna Pruriens supplements from some larger ingredient cocktail.  Professional laboratories like ours tend to know what they’re doing.  If their products contain mucuna pruriens, it is at the ideal level for supplementation to increase testosterone levels, improving workouts.  Not only are the levels of mucuna pruriens going to be carefully measured but the subsequent ingredients going in to the same supplement are going to be chosen specifically to play off the strengths of mucuna pruriens.  Stacking ingredients to give you the absolute best bang for buck is what we laboratories are good at.  It’s our bread and butter.  It allows you to supplement without having to worry about doing tons of research or formulation and you know you’re going to get the results that you desire.  You’ll get your money’s worth as well as peace of mind.


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