Where to Buy Milk Thistle

where to buy milk thistle

Straight up milk thistle supplementation is something that’s really caught on over the past decade.  Doctors, physical therapists, and personal trainers all around the world recognize the healing and protection qualities of milk thistle [1].  Since it’s not really much in the way of a controlled substance, there is no need for prescription.  Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and dosages, where to buy your milk thistle isn’t really as important as how much you should buy and how often you should take your supplements.  That’s a topic of discussion for another day as today, we’re going to talk about all the different places that you can purchase your milk thistle supplements so that you can protect your internal organs from the harmful side effects of other supplements you may be taking!

Shop Local to Buy Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is another one of those awesome supplements that you can buy down in your local pharmacy or grocery store.  The quantities and name brands are going to vary and the prices might cover a broad range, but you should have no trouble finding it in the same isle as the vitamins.  We’ve noticed that if you are able to find the fish oil tablets, the milk thistle capsules aren’t far behind.  The doses per serving you’re going to find at the local shops aren’t going to knock your socks off.  They’re going to be fairly low and if you’re looking for a high test dose, you might need to check the internet…

Buy Milk Thistle on the Internet

You can find anything you want on the internet.  Seriously, it’s almost disturbing.  Milk thistle is no different.  There are hundreds of sites that are begging to take your money and if you’re looking for the best deal, you will almost always be able to find supplements for cheaper on the internet than in your local stores.  That said, you’re also going to be risking some scammers too.  People who are out to make a quick buck by marketing garbage product at too good to be true pricing.  With milk thistle, you’re probably going to be okay in this regard.  The internet is always where you’re going to want to look for huge quantities or doses; Ones you won’t find in the local stores.

Big Chain Retailers Carry Milk Thistle

The usual suspects are big players when it comes to items like milk thistle capsules.  From herbal supplement specialty chain stores to the biggest supplement suppliers and merchandisers like GNC, each of them carry milk thistle for your pleasure.  Even the huge world wide chains like Walmart sell milk thistle supplements.  Many of these stores have beneficial rewards programs that build in your personal account.  These programs can provide discounts, low interest credit cards, and even free product!  The downside?  You’re probably going to pay a little bit more for top shelf name brand products as the generics aren’t really sold here.

Milk thistle supplementation for treatment of liver and kidney problems has provided ubiquity among retailers [2].  Some manufacturers similar to Vaxxen use milk thistle in the combo products so as always, pay attention to what your ingredients are so you don’t risk your health or waste your money!


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