Where to Buy L-Taurine

where to buy L-taurine

Today, we’re going to review an ingredient in many supplement cocktails that we’ve actually talked about before.  It’s been a while though.  You should totally check out this post we made way back in December so that you’re aware what we’re talking about when we say L-Taurine.  In an effort to satisfy some of the questions that we’ve gotten, we would like to tell you where you can find L-Taurine and where to buy L-Taurine from.

The Keto1 Ketogenic Supplement… and Others

If you’re practicing a keto diet, good for you.  As you well know, it takes a grit and determination that few have to make it through those first couple weeks of keto flu.  Brutal.

Anyway, Vaxxen’s very own Keto1 is a prime source for L-Taurine.  Since L-Taurine is used to protect your cardiovascular functions [1], we include it in our Keto1 package to help support you through the grievous changes in your system.  According to this particularly advanced study, the beneficial actions of the L-Taurine aren’t specifically known or defined but when measured as a whole, the cardiovascular system improves.  Hopefully it will help stem the pain from keto flu.

Our competitors are on to us!  It’s fairly ubiquitous to include L-Taurine in keto supplements at this point; unfortunately that’s not something that’s unique to us.  The amount of L-Taurine used can vary.  The sweet spot appears to be somewhere around 400mg to 600mg each day.  Make sure you take a look at your ingredients list under the supplement facts and nutritional facts to see how much L-Taurine you’re getting from your product.

Straight Taurine Supplementation

Since L-Taurine is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in the brain, heart, and red blood cells, we had to find a way to cultivate and harvest it synthetically [2].  Basically, modern science has allowed big pharma to creatine taurine through chemical synthesis.  It’s created from a reaction between ethylene oxide and sodium bisulfite to form isethionic acid which is then synthesized into a manufactured form of taurine.

The Taurine is capsulized and sold in the big player supplement stores like GNC and Walgreens.  Some health and wellness centers will carry lighter forms of L-Taurine supplementation as well.  Whether you choose to purchase a capsulized version or the powdered version that you can mix in a protein shake, be sure to understand how many mg you’ll be ingesting per dose.  Try to aim for that 400mg to 600mg sweet spot!

Online Stores

Amazon.  Ebay.  Rakuten.  Jet.  These websites often allow for the sale of supplements and often at a better price than you’ll get anywhere else.  The only thing you really need to be leery of is whether or not what you’re buying is a legitimate product.  Scammers all around the world have made a good living on marketing cut products as something more pure than they are.  Be sure what you’re buying has been reviewed by a reputable website and the price isn’t too good to be true.  When it comes to purchasing stuff online that you’re literally going to ingest, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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