Where to Buy Huperzia Serrata?

huperzia serrata

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that sometimes when it comes to purchasing your supplements there are multiple ways or forms obtainable.  Such is the case with huperzia serrata.  People with a green thumb may want to make the purchase in plant form while others who want to spend more money for the convenience factor can simply purchase capsulized or powdered supplementation.

Obviously the form in which you want your huperzia serrata is going to dictate where you look to make your purchase as well as the amount you’re going to spend.  Let’s take a look at the top couple of places you should consider for each scenario.


Plant Lovers

Maybe you’re not even considering taking the huperzia serrata yourself.  Maybe you’re trying to save some money for a loved one by growing the greens and harvesting the supplement yourself.  Perhaps you just enjoy horticulture and look forward to the reaping the reward of supplying yourself with active supplements.  Regardless of your reasons, you have decided that you want to purchase huperzia serrata in raw, plant form.  You can either buy seeds and plant them yourself, cultivating your creation from day one, or you can purchase pre planted clubmoss and help it flourish into adulthood.

‘I want the seeds!’ – You can look around on websites like Alibaba.com to buy mass quantities.  Alternatively, though your local greeneries or flower stores aren’t likely to carry huperzia serrata seeds on the regular, you can ask them to acquire seeds from their distributors.  They’d be more than happy to oblige.

‘I want the plants!’ – Looking to skip the first few weeks to months of work?  No problem!  There are online plant markets that span the globe.  You might need to do a bit of research, but a simple Google phrase or two should yield a variety of results and options.


Supplement Enthusiasts

Don’t have the patience for horticulture?  Me neither.  For you, there are the more traditional methods of acquisition.  Many labs like ours use huperzia serrata in their supplement cocktails much like we do with Cinerate.  These pre-mixed supplements are undoubtedly going to give you the best bang for buck you can ask for since the ingredients have been thoroughly researched and hand picked because they work so well together.

‘I can’t have <insert Cinerate ingredient here>!’ – That’s okay.  If you’re allergic or avoiding some other ingredient, no big deal.  You can get your straight huperzia serrata powder from the big guys over at GNC or even on online marketplaces like Amazon.  Simply measure out the amount you need and include it in your protein shakes or meal replacement drinks.  If powder isn’t what you’re aiming for, there are a variety of tablets and capsules available.


Buying the seeds or potted plants is always going to be a cheaper route but it requires time, patience, and a little bit of luck.  Should you prefer to forgo the work part, just pay a little more and purchase yourself some ready-made supplementation!

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