Where to Buy Celery Seed

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We left off our blog post talking about the side effects of celery seed and celery seed extract supplementations with a few precautionary warnings for our readers.  One of those warnings was telling you not to try to eat the celery seeds found in gardening packets.  These seeds will be coated in poisonous chemicals that include pesticides and various preservatives that aren’t made for human consumption.  (Those packets can sit on store shelves for months to years before they’ve been purchased)

Today we’re going to focus on where you should be looking to acquire your celery seeds and celery seed extracts for supplementation.  And… our list most definitely does not involve stopping at the local gardening store!


The Pharmacy Sells Celery Seed

Unlike many of the different supplements and drugs that we’ve talked about in this blog, celery seed extract can often be found on the shelves of your local pharmacy.  Obviously the larger the pharmacy, the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for.  The only caveat of buying local is that you’re going to be held to their selection.  Celery seed extract can come in a variety of strengths and dosages, but at the local pharmacy, they’re unlikely to be able to provide you with more than the minimums.


Buy Celery Seed on The Internet

Large online retailers have invaded this space just like many of the other substances we talk about.  You can find literally any form of celery seed extract that you prefer to supplement with, and in a large variety of dose levels.  Be sure to read reviews before settle on a supplier and try to stick with name brands that you’ve heard of as it wildly decreases your chances of getting scammed.  Make sure you understand that dosages and how much you to take to meet your supplementation needs.


Supplementation Specialist Chains

You can buy pretty much any supplement that we talk about in these blog posts from the big players like GNC.  The price points might be a little higher than they’d be if you were purchasing online but in these stores, you know that the doses are already premeasured and that work is done for you.  All you need to do is follow the instructions and remember to ingest your purchase every day and you’re set.  These stores often have killer rewards programs and can be treated as a one-stop-shop for all your individual supplement needs.


Formulation Labs/Manufacturers

This is our category.  At Vaxxen, we use celery seed extract in our Pillar product.  Pillar, like our other products, contains supplements that are specifically chosen because they work so well together.  These supplement cocktails often cost more than the individual products you’d buy in aforementioned places, but labs like ours take all the work out of it for you.  We have carefully selected the ideal supplements that should be taken together, clinically researched the perfect dosages, and combined the substances into one easy to swallow pill.  The only downside to products like ours is that you need to be aware of what each ingredient is so that you don’t accidentally ingest something you’re allergic to!

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