Where to Buy Agmatine Sulfate? Do I Need It?

where to buy agmatine sulfate

We recently created a blog post devoted to the benefits of agmatine sulfate.  It was met with such positivity, enthusiasm, and interested that we thought we’d go ahead and talk a bit more about it.  It’s not to know exactly what agmatine sulfate should be used for and what the benefits are, but that’s only a piece to the consumer puzzle.  You need to understand how much agmatine sulfate is right for you, what form of ingestion is going to be most effective, and where to buy your agmatine sulfate products from!  Let’s take a moment to throw out another shameless plug for our Fulcrum product line of which agmatine sulfate is an essential ingredient.  The agmatine sulfate in Fulcrum will help reduce your joint and muscle pain by limiting inflammation and improving areas subjected to repeat impacts.  (Think of the stress put on joints while running and jogging)  Fulcrum isn’t the only place that you can get your agmatine sulfate fix…

What is Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine sulfate is a chemical that was discovered over 100 years ago.  Despite it’s known age, we really didn’t have a good understand of what the chemical did in the human body until recently.  Since then, a large number of human subjects have been tested on through safe agmatine sulfate ingestion [1].

Created from arginine, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many positive effects are realized through agmatine sulfate consumption.  Arginine is an essential amino acid that’s used to break down and distribute proteins in the human body.  Essentially, the agmatine sulfate portion of arginine is what directs the biosynthesis of proteins to benefit the muscles and joints.  Unsurprisingly, if you choose to supplement with arginine, you’re going to see a natural enhancement of the benefits you realize during agmatine sulfate supplementation.  Consider stacking the two to further enhance benefits.

Do You Take Creatine?

If you’re not new to this blog then you know that Creatine is comprised of a series of amino acids.  One of those essential amino acids is arginine.  We know that Creatine is key for stimulating muscle growth in our bodies but you might not have known that since creatine is comprised of arginine and arginine is comprised of agmatine sulfate that by stacking agmatine sulfate with straight creatine, you’re going to get the bonus effects of pain relief during the muscle growth [2].  Beautiful.

You also need to be aware and consider this when you’re looking for additional agmatine sulfate supplementation.  You don’t want to overdo it if you’re already using creatine and/or arginine.  It’s unlikely that you’d actually overdose but you’d be wasting your money.

Not Using Creatine or Arginine?

For shame!

If you’re not using Creatine or arginine then it’s safe to look for straight agmatine sulfate supplements to add to your repertoire.  You won’t be wasting your money or at risk of any kind of unhealthy overdose.  Make sure you look for well known name brands, none of those foreign knock-offs that have no positive press.  Consider the company that is marketing and selling the product before you buy it.  Do some research to see how people feel about them.


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