How to Build Thigh Muscles

how to build thigh muscles

Thigh muscles are often overlooked when we’re hitting the weights at the gym.  It’s easy to get caught up in the sex appeal and desire of the rock-hard abs and the sculpted shoulder and arm muscles.  We often find that our readers spend too much time flexing in front of a mirror and not enough time focusing on leg day or how to build thigh muscles.  Don’t skip leg day!  This includes your thigh muscles.  Thigh muscles are what generate torque and support for the rest of your leg muscles during their exercises.  Thigh muscles dictate how well you’re going to be able to handle an incline during a job, as well as how well you’re going to be able to slow down and keep yourself upright if you happen to be walking or jogging down a hill.

Supplement to Support Thigh Muscles

Not unlike the rest of the muscles in your body, the cells in the thigh muscles feed off of heavy amounts of protein.  Increasing the protein intake will help you build your muscles more quickly so that you can see some bulky results within just a couple of weeks.  Let’s not forget that a health protein diet will make it easier for our muscles to recover so that we are ready to go at it the next time we hit the weights on leg day [1].

In addition to protein, we need to make sure we’re getting a sizeable dose of creatine and beta-alanine.  We’ve talked about both of these in great detail before but we want to emphasize to our readers just how important it is to stack these three supplements if you want quick and noticeable muscle gains.  The gains can be realized in your thigh muscles just as they can in the rest of your body.  Vaxxen has you covered with our pre and post workout supplement mixes and if you’re using them already, then now all you need to do is worry about the thigh exercises:

Three Must-Do Exercises for Thighs

Devote a specific time slot on leg day to do your thigh exercises.  We’ve composed a list of the best exercises that you can do to help build up those thigh muscles when you’re in your next leg session [2].

  • Squats – The various types of squats are definitely going to make you feel the burn. It doesn’t matter whether you make a right angle with your back against the wall, whether you use a giant exercise ball, or whether you just do free standing squats.  Squats are the number one, most effective exercise that you can do to build up thigh muscle tolerance.
  • Lunges with dumbbells – By holding the dumbbells down at your sides and getting down on one knee, then alternating back and forth between knees, you’re going to get a serious cardio workout in conjunction with working out your thigh muscles.
  • Leg Circles – Laying flat on your back, what better way to work out? If you want to try to bust out a combo platter workout, try the seated leg circles.  They’re going to attack your thighs AND your abs.  That’s something that we think our readers can really enjoy!


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