How to Build Muscles for Women

how to build muscles for women

In order for women to build muscles, it isn’t all that different from men.  The same level of dedication, motivation, and resilience is necessary to see real progress.  Women need to exercise and eat just as healthily as men do.  The amount of food, supplementation, and exercise necessary might actually be different though.  Amounts will vary based on the size of human and since women are generally smaller than men, most women will require slightly less of each category to feel the effects.  When it comes to exercise and workouts, there are some differences between men and women.  Check out this short guide for how to build muscles for women [1]:

What Foods Women Should Eat to Build Muscles

Much like men, women need to ingest high levels of protein to ensure muscle gain.  Whether you’re looking for a lean look or to bulk up, protein is going to be essential no matter what [2].  Keep eggs, chicken, fish, and nuts in your diet but remember to be sure to stay away from excess carbohydrates.  Try to avoid potatoes and make sure you don’t consume too much pasta!

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Something a little different than men:  Women, especially those that have had children, need to understand that a vitamin deficiency is inherent in most of the gender.  Extra vitamins should be acquired through veggie snacking.  Keeping the meals small, women should try to reinforce their healthy antioxidant and vitamin levels by frequently snacking on low calorie vegetables.  Men tend to retain vitamins and minerals for longer periods of time, but women aren’t as lucky.

Supplementation to Improve Nutrition

Building off from the foods section, there are a variety of inexpensive health supplements for women to boost vitamins and minerals.  There are one-a-day tablets specifically engineered for women, but the most effective method of ingestion will always be through fitness shakes.  Look for a powder mix that is manufactured and marketed to women.  After just a few days of use, women tend to feel more energized and see a noticeable improvement in skin and hair health! [3].


Visceral fat tends to hang on to women longer than it does men.  On average, it is far easier for a man to shed unwanted fat than it is a woman.  And yes, this is especially the case when you’re talking about a female who has given birth to at least one child.  Ladies, you need to start focusing on cardio!

The most important exercise is the one you’re not doing.  Ever heard of that?  Think of the exercises you absolutely hate.  Those are the ones you likely need to be doing more often.  The ones that make you really question whether it’s all worth it.  The ones that flat out suck.  Push yourself as hard as you can and you will finally see the results.  Biology has made it so that women need to work on cardio before they can even start to worry about trying to gain extra muscle.  Burning off the outer layers of fat will reveal lean muscle that each woman has developed throughout their lives.  Men need to work harder at gaining muscle than women do and women need to work harder at burning fat than men do.  That’s just how it is.


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