How to Build Lean Muscle

how to build lean muscle

So, you want to build some muscle? Maybe you want to look sexier, or perhaps you’re training for an endurance event. Regardless of your reason, unless you just want to bulk up, lean muscle is the way to go. People with lean muscle are typically stronger than people with bulky muscles, and the lean muscle looks more natural than people with bulk. Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can start using to maximize your lean muscle gains. Read on below to see how:

A Proper Diet is Key

The first and most crucial step of any exercise plan starts outside of the weight room. It begins in the kitchen. A proper and well-balanced diet is the true key to gaining that lean muscle and getting rid of excess fat. To build lean muscle, it’s important to eat healthy meals often throughout the day. Anywhere between 5 to 7 times per day is ideal. Eating smaller meals throughout the day ensures that your body has plenty of nutrients and doesn’t resort to breaking down the muscle you’re trying to grow. These meals should include foods high in protein such as eggs, lean meat, nuts, and oats. Getting enough nutrients helps your body build and keep lean muscle [1].

Proper Training to Accomplish your Goals

Although a diet is hugely important, building muscles happens during workouts.  Putting strain and wear on your muscles helps them to regenerate and grow back stronger and more prominent. Focus on exercises that give your muscles plenty of resistance, but also work the smaller muscles. Lifting weights every other day is the ideal amount for building lean muscle as it keeps your body in muscle building mode. Lifting more than this puts you at risk for injury or tearing a muscle and lifting less just doesn’t put enough stress on your muscles for them to grow. On the days off, focus on getting some cardio in to help circulate blood to your growing muscles and provide them with essential nutrients to regenerate [2].

Supplement with Androxx

Androxx is the fastest way to supplement your workout and diet to build lean muscle fast. It combines several factors to help escalate your muscle growth. By converting androstenediol to androstenedione and then to 1-Testosterone, your body is given the compounds it needs to fuel muscle growth. It comes in pill form, so it’s easy to take any time. More importantly, it is non-toxic to your liver and doesn’t produce excess estrogen in your system like steroids. It eliminates water bloating so you can see the results close up without fear of them being masked by water. If you are serious about building your lean muscle fast, then look no further than Androxx as a healthier way to supplement. Learn more and buy it here:


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