How to Build Calf Muscles for Skinny Legs

how to build calf muscles for skinny legs

So you’ve been pretty good about getting your exercise in, huh?  It’s starting to pay off.  When you stand in front of the mirror with your shirt off, you can see a significant difference.  Maybe you lost some of that super stubborn belly fat that you have been struggling with for years.  Perhaps you’re starting to see some curvature and muscle definition in areas that you’ve literally never been able to see it before.  The beer belly is starting to look a little more like a 4 pack and it won’t be long before you actually start to see the 6 pack forming.  That’s awesome, definitely take a moment to applaud yourself.  Now look down and flex your legs.  Are you feeling the same point of pride that you feel for the results you’ve seen from the waist up?  Most people struggle to understand the importance of leg day.  You don’t want to look like Johnny Bravo so how can you get some of the same results for your calf muscles that you’ve seen on your upper body? Here’s what you need to know about how to build calf muscles for skinny legs:

Don’t Skip Leg Day!

Nobody likes going to the gym on leg day.  There is just something about working out the upper body that feels so much more satisfying than trying to struggle through painful workouts that make it a chore to walk when you’re all done.  Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil and if you continue to skip the leg workouts, you will actually start to get some joint pain over time because your legs won’t be strong enough to support all that new muscle mass on the upper body.

Use the Proper Supplements

Much like the rest of your muscles, your calves will benefit most from bulking and recovery supplements.  Just because you’re going to be working out your legs today, doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip the post-workout shakes.  If anything, those protein based shakes are going to be even more important on leg day.  That soreness you feel can be drastically reduced by ingesting some recovery shake, repairing any damage done to the calves and helping ensure you’ll be ready to go again in a couple days [1].  Make sure you take a look at this list and guide of muscle building supplements.  What applies to the arms will apply to your legs as well.

The Best Exercise to Build Calf Muscles for Skinny Legs

Believe it or not, the best exercises for your calves are the simplest exercises.  The toe-up should be your number one tool in the tool shed.  Stand on the bottom step of any stair or on a box, keeping only your toes on the platform.  Go up on your tip-toes and slowly level your foot back out.  Continue this same workout until your calves are whooped, then rest for a minute or two and do another set.  There is no specific number of toe-ups we can tell you to do, it’s going to be different for each reader checking out this post.  Just make sure you do this exercise every single leg day and try to do three sets.  Combine that with the supplements and your calves will become even stronger and more defined than your arm muscles in no time [2]!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to build thigh muscle, too!


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