what is N-Methyltyramine

What is N-Methyltyramine?

We’re going to go ahead and assume that most of our readers don't know the answer to "What is N-Methyltyramine".  Even for the most hardcore supplement users, you probably aren’t going to be overly familiar with n-methyltyramine.  As if n-methyltyramine isn’t hard enough to say, it’s actually an abbreviated version of what you’re actually talking about, which is 4-hydroxy-N-methylphenethylamine.  Let’s agree to calling it NMT for now.NMT is a human trace amine.  Basically, it’s a neuromodulator substance found in plants that tends to be similar to our neurotransmitters substances.  Used almost exclusively in pre workout and fat burning supplements, NMT is comparable to octopamine, hordenine, and synephrine. Where Does N-Methyltyramine Come From? Found in the barks, roots, shoots, and leaves of a large variety of plants, NMT is something humans have been ingesting since the dawn of...

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what is olive leaf extract supplementation

What is Olive Leaf Extract?

The title might be a little misleading as you can sort of figure out what olive leaf extract is just by saying the phrase what is “olive leaf extract.”  When we ask what something is, we mean what is it to us?  What can we use it for to help us achieve our fitness goals?  How can it make us better people, either physically or mentally?  Where does X supplement come from and what happens if we mix it with Y or Z? Olive Leaf Extract’s Place in Supplementation The purpose of this blog is to help you be the absolute best that you can be by providing you with tips and tricks of the trade.  Some of the tips and tricks are common knowledge that we feel need to be drilled in to your skull so...

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where to buy theobromine

Where to Buy Theobromine?

So we had spent some time in the not-too-distant past talking about theobromine, what it is, and what you could use it for.  Since most people hadn’t heard of it, we created a follow up post regarding the effects it can have on you and how you should be using it to help achieve your fitness goals.  Take a minute to refresh your memory to make sure you’re prepared to move forward with additional supplementation and learn where to buy theobromine.Now that you’ve reviewed our previous blog posts, let’s talk about where you should actually purchase theobromine and how much of it you’re going to need… Vaxxen – Fulcrum Enhances the Effects of Theobromine The best way for you to start utilizing theobromine is by stacking it with purpose.  You should be using it to make other...

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amylase side effects

What Amylase Side Effects Should I Know About?

We recently introduced amylase as a supplement for people looking to shed a few extra pounds.  Even more recently, we wrote about all the different benefits that go along with weight loss during successful amylase supplementation.  Obviously we need to spend some time on amylase side effects now, adhering to our personal belief that full disclosure is important when it comes to supplementation.Increasing the digestive enzyme levels in your body is sure to come with some side effects.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re dosing with extra amylase or one of the other digestive enzymes, you’re going to notice some side effects.  Even though our bodies naturally create amylase, we can still notice some discomfort if we choose to push beyond the natural limits.We’ve chosen to break the potential side effects down in three groups to...

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foods to avoid on ketogenic diet

Avoid These Foods If You’re on the Keto Diet to Prevent Weight Gain

Did you really just eat that? It’s okay. It was probably an honest mistake. But what you just chomped down on wasn’t keto approved. We know, it gets tricky sometimes. Even if you’ve studied the lists of keto-friendly foods, certain types or specific ingredients might not jump out at you as forbidden.Some of the foods to avoid are obvious, like pastas, breads, and just about anything processed. But there are some sneaky items out there that can quickly throw you out of ketosis and make you wish you would have thought twice before you indulged. Luckily, we’re here to help prevent regretful moments by explaining which foods slow down your weight loss and stop your keto progress.  What is Ketosis? Let’s do a quick recap of ketosis. The human body needs large amounts of energy each day,...

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amylase benefits

5 Amylase Benefits

At its core, amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps the body absorb more nutrients and improve digestive health.  There are a variety of different digestive enzymes in each of our bodies that work together to break down the various nutrients.  Since there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to this molecular breakdown, we’re able to pick and choose which enzymes we want to enhance and maximize through supplementation.  Amylase specifically is what most bodybuilders try to focus on.  Since the main function of the amylase enzyme is turning starch in to sugars, and because amylase is found in saliva, it’s often the first step on the road to digestion. Related: Amylase Side Effects   The Big 5 Benefits of Amylase Understanding that amylase infusion is the first part of the digestive process is what...

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where to buy hordenine

Where to Buy Hordenine

Hordenine is one of the most prolific ingredients used in fat burning supplements on the market today.  Vigorously and thoroughly proven to be an effective weight loss substance, hordenine is often combined with the likes of caffeine and agent orange to promote intense fat burn and hunger suppression.  Have you ever seen the show My 600lb Life?  The doctor on the show has used hordenine supplementation to help patients fight off their obesity and ridiculous overindulgence tendencies. Visit the DoctorMuch like in the aforementioned television show, modern science has started to leverage hordenine in different metabolic medications because it’s a 100% natural alkaloid that most plants produce.  Some of the strongest appetite regulation and suppression medications can only be prescribed by a doctor.  If you feel like you’re in that large of a rut, consult with...

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where to buy dextrose

Where to Buy Dextrose Online or Off

Often used by body builders as a nutritional supplement, dextrose has been found to increase weight through muscle, primarily. Where to buy Dextrose? Being a calorie-dense form of energy supplementation makes dextrose a popular choice by body building enthusiasts that need a bit more oomph to power through an intense workout session.  Being high in carbohydrates means it’s lacking in protein so while you’re going to be influencing a healthy muscle growth, there is a good chance that increased dextrose supplementation will lead to an increase in fat stores as well.  At Vaxxen, we’d prefer to use something a bit more balanced to enhance muscle growth without increasing the chance of gaining fat deposits you’ll need to work off later.  That’s why we created Cinerate!  If you’re still interested in getting your hands on the...

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where can I buy weight loss supplements

Where Can I Buy Weight Loss Supplements?

Where you look to get your weight loss supplement fix is going to depend on a combination of two different things: One, what kind of supplement are you looking to purchase?  Two, what is the price point that you’re looking to stay within?  If you’re asking yourself “where can I buy weight loss supplements” the answer is… here.Vaxxen would suggest using a nice base supplement package that you can get from a trustworthy source like us.  Consider stacking our fat burning product Cinerate with our meal replacement shakes, Leftovers.  If you’re keeping your diet at a caloric deficit, it’s going to be easier to burn off the extra weight in fat when you hit the gym or participate in your daily cardio. Your Local Food Spot So you’re looking for something a little more?  Make sure you...

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where to buy alpha gpc

Where to Buy Alpha GPC

Last month, we talked about Alpha GPC and the side effects that you need to be aware of.  We told you about how and why you should be taking Alpha GPC as well as the good and bad side effects that you need to be aware of.  Before continuing on, we implore that you read that particular blog post so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to and how much more Alpha GPC you need to purchase.  We say “how much more” because our Fulcrum product already enhances the Alpha GPC levels in your system as it’s unlikely you’ve been able to read this blog without buying in to the Fulcrum product line, as successful and enticing as it is! What is Alpha GPC? Using Alpha GPC to exponentially improve the quality of...

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