what is CLA supplementation

What is CLA Supplementation?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is a group of a couple dozen molecular substances most commonly found in dairy foods and meat.  The idea behind CLA supplementation is that we extract these substances and fuse them together in a tablet or capsule.  These pills can then be ingested and digested to capitalize on the beneficial properties found within the various isomers.  CLA Supplementation is a new and increasingly more mainstream way to get all the “good stuff” from dairy and meat without all the calories or “bad stuff.” CLA Supplements Are Perfect for Fat Burn and Weight Loss We’re sure it comes as no surprise to you, being the intelligent reader that you are, CLA supplementation is a popular and effective way to burn off visceral fat quickly.  When coupled with calorie strict dieting and minimal exercise,...

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what is bulking

What is Bulking?

There has been a bit of confusion amongst our readers when it comes to the term “bulking.”  Bulking should not simply refer to working to gain muscle mass, though that’s certainly the greatest portion of it.  Bulking is one of three cycles practiced by the most serious of athletes, body builders, and fitness freaks.  The other two phases are cutting and resting.  Perhaps down the line, we’ll spend some more time on the cutting phase and the resting phase but today, we’re going to be clearing up some of the ridiculous misconceptions about the term bulking.  As you read, please keep in mind that there are a variety of methods that can be used to have a successful bulking phase.  We’ve broken this blog post down in to the three most common methods to practice...

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pea protein side effects

Pea Protein Powder Side Effects

Not unlike regular protein powder derived from milk, pea protein powder has some side effects that everybody should be aware of.  We realize that probably 90% of our readers don’t actually use pea protein powder and tend to stick with casein or regular whey protein mixes (Like our WheyXX) to get their protein supplementation.  Pea protein powder is commonly substituted by people who are lactose intolerant or have made the life choice to practice veganism.  The side effects remain the same, no matter what your protein supplement of choice may be. Why Pea Protein Powder? Pea protein powder is often a little bit less expensive than the usual suspects when it comes to protein supplementation; Soy and whey.  Mostly because peas are a hardy vegetable that can be grown in many different climates.  Because pea protein powder...

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what is mucuna pruriens dosage amount

Mucuna Pruriens Dosage

Mucuna Pruriens.  That’s a mouth full.  Like most of the products we’ve brought to your attention in this blog, Mucuna Pruriens can be leveraged to help us on our never ending conquest to perfection.  Achieving the physique you want might involve some supplementation that you’re not really familiar with and Mucuna Pruriens dosing is no exception when it comes to that. Today, we’re going to be talking about Mucuna Pruriens, where it comes from, when you’re supposed to use it, what it does for you, and how much you’re supposed to be ingesting. What is Mucuna Pruriens? Derived from something called the velvet bean, Mucuna Pruriens is found primarily on the continent of Africa.  We extract Mucuna Pruriens from the bean to use it in a variety of medications in western civilization to treat a few different ailments. ...

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L-citrulline dosage

L-Citrulline Dosage

Last month, we talked about the benefits of L-Citrulline and what it can do to improve your physique.  By now, we expect that you’ve, at the very least, started to supplement your diet with regular helpings of watermelon or spinach!  If you chose to go the chocolate route, you better be working extra hard to fight off the potential fat gains.  Since it’s been a few weeks, you probably have started to notice the increase in energy that you’ve seen.  Maybe some of you have even felt the inevitable improvement in athletic performance due to the improved blood flow and reduction in overall blood pressure.  You can only eat so much watermelon and spinach, so we’re going to have to take a peek at some different ways for men and women to supplement on the...

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milk thistle for weight loss

Milk Thistle for Weight Loss

Recently, we went in to some detail about what milk thistle is and we also talked about the proper milk thistle dosage for those of us adding it to our supplementation regimen.  Today we intend to build on those talks by really explaining how you can leverage milk thistle supplementation for weight loss.  If you’ve been packing on a few extra pounds of fat with all that muscle you’ve gained, this blog post will be something you need to take seriously.  For the rest of you reading, don’t think you should just skip on by.  Milk thistle is likely an all-natural solution for you to help get rid of the most stubborn of visceral fat deposits. When You Take Milk Thistle Do not get discouraged and quit after just a couple of weeks. The capsules that...

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A Full Guide to Testing Ketone Levels – 4 Simple Ways

A Full Guide to Testing Ketone Levels – 4 Simple Ways

Testing your ketone levels is the best way to ensure your body is in ketosis, or the metabolic state in which your body burns fat for fuel instead of glucose. Many who want to remain in ketosis for weight loss, improved focus, and enhanced physical performance make the mistake of simply assuming their bodies are fueling with fat because of their diet. But because it’s possible to consume too much protein, not enough fat, or miss your daily calorie goal, your body may not be in ketosis, even when you think it is. If you’ve never tested for ketones, this guide will explain what ketones are, how to test for them, and what to do with your results. You’ll be able to fully experience the benefits of ketosis by confirming what metabolic state your body is in...

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how to clean bulk

How to Clean Bulk

Clean bulking is in essence the act of gaining muscle without gaining fat.  It’s easy to gain muscle and fat together and difficult to lose one without effecting the other.  Clean bulking describes the practice of gaining JUST muscle, leaving fat gains behind.  Understand that only the most dedicated and extreme fitness champs will be able to have the mental drive and focus needed for a successful clean bulking campaign.  Unless you’re okay with never eating another carbohydrate again and walking around on the verge of hunger 24 hours out of the day, you might just skip down to the next blog post.  For the rest of you, the ones who are daring enough and motivated enough to take their body to the next step, by all means, read on… The Eats Eat often.  Make sure you’re...

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what supplements should I take

What Supplements Should I Take?

In this world of health and fitness, it can be difficult to understand what you should and should not be doing to achieve your personal goals. It can be a little confusing and daunting when you start to look at the list of supplements out on the market.  You may find yourself screaming “What supplements should I take?!” Thankfully, Vaxxen is here to help guide you on your path to physical success and fitness dominance! Some articles will tell you that you should drink plenty of water, others will suggest you may be drinking too much water. Blogs will say there is nothing better than a small snack before bed to jump start the metabolism, while others will portray snacking before bed as one of the major no-no’s.  Some of the published works out there convey...

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strong back muscle

How to Strengthen Back Muscles

Taking a break from delving in to the specifics of the different supplements that you can take to help you along your path to physical perfection, we’re going to be talking about some of the exercises that you can do to really solidify an area of the body that you often take for granted… your back.  The back muscles do more than just support your shoulders, neck, and spine, keeping you from becoming a limp noodle.  The various muscles in your back actually support a large variety of other muscles in your body and without strengthening them properly, you’re far more likely to be injured and almost definitely going to prevent the kind of growth that you want to see from your other muscles.  For example, your abdominal muscles.  Go grab that ab wheel and...

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