Bioperine Side Effects

bioperine comes from black pepper

Fat burners and weight loss products like our Cinerate product have been leveraging the undeniable benefits of bioperine for years now.  One hundred percent natural as it’s pulled from extract of the fruit Piper nigrum.  For those of us who aren’t horticulturists, Piper nigrum is the fancy dancey term for black pepper!  As with all the different substances we use here at Vaxxen, bioperine supplementation is certainly safe, especially if you follow dosage directions.  Unfortunately, there are some side effects that you need to be aware of.

The Most Common Side Effects of Bioperine

Don’t let the subject header fool or confuse you.  The bioperine side effects from bioperine supplementation and ingestion are few and far between.  Most users don’t even feel a difference when they start to leverage bioperine to help in the fat burning journey.  As you’ve come to expect from us, we still want to eliminate any confusion by detailing the side effects you may experience:

  1. Gas – Unsurprisingly, gas is the number one complaint documented by bioperine consumers. Like many of the supplements used to encourage faster weight loss and visceral fat burn, bioperine ingestion causes a bit of a war inside of your stomach.  You may experience an increase in flatulence and/or belching.  Don’t be concerned, it’s a sign that the supplementation is working!
  2. Loss of appetite [1] – This is a side effect but most people actually enjoy it. Don’t starve yourself as that’s no more healthy than being overweight, but a complete lack of hunger definitely makes it easier to keep our bodies at a calorie deficit, promoting fat burn.
  3. Nausea – Until your system gets used to the new increase in bioperine levels, you might experience upset stomach. This wears off after a few hours to a few days so don’t get discouraged and stick with it!
  4. Rash/Skin Redness – Another side effect that tends to dissipate after just a couple of days. Should the rash stick around beyond a week, stop taking the bioperine and seek relief through over the counter creams or by visiting your primary physician.

The Rarer Bioperine Side Effects

Bioperine has been found to cause a chemical imbalance in some people.  This can lead to a variety of more serious and far more rare side effects:

  1. Depression [2] – It’s a little surprising but definitely the most serious side effect. Nobody enjoys depression and it can lead to other neurological problems if unchecked.  If you feel depressed, cease and desist immediately.
  2. Anger/Rage – Slightly less rare than the depression but sometimes just as severe and serious. If you are experiencing annoyance and anger far more frequently or intensely than usual, stop the supplementation.  It’s not worth it.
  3. Abdomen Swelling – In some extreme cases, the gas build up in your stomach can get so bad that swelling can occur. The gas builds faster than it can be passed and it leads to serious discomfort and even pain.

The risk is typically worth the award.  These blog posts are not to scare you off but to make you aware should you be one of the unlucky few to experience the negative side effects.


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