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What is the Best Weight Loss Supplement?

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what is the best weight loss supplement
Last modified: August 14th, 2018 12:00 pm

That title got your attention, didn’t it?  Let’s be clear; knowing what is the best weight loss supplement for me might not be the same best weight loss supplement for you.  The best weight loss supplement for you might not be the best weight loss supplement for your friend, spouse, sibling, or child.  A culmination of things decide what supplement will be most effective for each of us.  Age, gender, and overall health all need to be taken in to consideration when researching weight loss supplements.  Rather than telling you what supplements you should be taking, we’re going list a series of weight loss supplements, the groups of people that should consider each, and why.

Garcinia Cambogia – You’ve almost certainly heard of the garcinia cambogia phenomenon that has been taking over the nation since the start of this decade.  The active component of this fruit is called HCH and comes from the skin of the fruit.  Garcinia cambogia is effective for both men and women of all ages and has repeatedly been proven to prevent hunger cravings while improving sleep.

Turmeric – One of the lesser known, yet more effective fat burners for women.  Women of all ages should explore the turmeric spice as it blocks aromatase which is the fat storing substance found in estrogen.

Cayenne Pepper – That’s right, an every day spice!  Cayenne pepper raises the body temperature which helps us burn more calories.  Younger men and women will not realize the effects quite as much as middle-aged fitness freaks.  When you hit midlife, your body tends to run a little cooler than when you were in your youth.  Cayenne pepper is a good way to raise the body temperature and force your system to burn calories while resting.  (If acid reflux is a problem for you, do not use.)

Creatine – Effective for men and women of all ages.  (Young men will realize even more benefits than the other demographics.)  Creatine has been repeatedly proven as an effective way to promote fat burn and muscle gain.  This should be a staple in almost every supplement macro and dosing regimen.  Check this guide out to learn more.

Caffeine – Blatantly overlooked, caffeine is one of the easiest and most common weight loss supplements that we can utilize.  Found in teas, coffees, and pre-workout mixes, caffeine is effective for all people of any age.  Improving your blood flow and alertness, you’re going to get even more out of the average workout.  Individuals with a history of heart issues need to be careful when it comes to caffeine supplementation and should consult with a physician before trying to add it to their regular macros.  Women tend to be a little more sensitive to caffeine dosing and should note that a case of the “jitters” means you’re using too much and need to cut the dose next time around.

Beta-Alanine – Created to raise the carnosine levels in your system to boosting muscle growth by enhancing the endurance of your muscles, prolonging workouts and caloric burn.  Especially effective in men, beta-alanine has been found to be safe for all people as there are no negative side effects.  Check out this detailed guide to learn more.

With any of the above potential weight loss supplements, you can add our fat-burner Cinerate. With Cinerate, you can get faster results when you workout. Cinerate reduces appetite and gives you an energy boost to get you through workouts.

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