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What is the Best Ubiquinol for Men and Women?

What's the best ubiquinol
Last modified: August 14th, 2018 11:59 am

Over the past few months, we’ve written about ubiquinol a handful of times.  We’ve gone in to detail about what ubiquinol, or coenzyme q10, is, what it does, the benefits for body builders and fitness freaks, and the side effects that you need to be aware of if you’re going to dabble.  We’ve talked about the suggested doses for what you want to accomplish and even where you should buy your ubiquinol supplements. What’s the best ubiquinol if your female? Or a young man? Or an aging gentleman?

Today, we’re going to get to the meat and taters of ubiquinol.  We’re going to tell you the best coenzyme q10 supplements on the market to fit your lifestyle, age, gender, and goals.  Like with most supplements, the solution’s efficacy will change depending on the aforementioned factors.  Let’s take a gander…

Best Ubiquinol for Women

There are two types of solutions for women when it comes to ubiquinol supplementation.  It’s not really going to matter whether you’re 30 years of age or 60 years of age, the effects should be the same.  Women can either utilize a nice blend of post cycle therapy ingredients to regulate hormone levels in their body, much like Descend does, or they can turn to specifically formulated estrogen friendly ubiquinol supplements available by retailers around the world.  If you’re not interested in the other benefits of hormonal balance or there is something you know doesn’t agree with your system in the combo platters like Vaxxen’s Descend, then do your due diligence and research some of the coenzyme q10 specialty supplements.  We recommend using something with a positive reputation and stellar reviews like NatureWise for women.

Young Men

The younger the male, the more flexibility when it comes to supplementation.  You’re going to be more resilient to the side effects of foreign supplementation being infused into your system.  Your body will utilize excess levels of positive hormones more effectively than in an older gentleman.  You’ve got the fountain of youth on your side, allowing you to pick and choose from a large plethora of ubiquinol supplements.  We suggest advanced post cycle support for the young man.  Supplementation cocktails like Descend have been formulated with this demographic in mind.

Young men can also use high level coenzyme q10 doses.  There are ubiquinol-only supplements available for men looking to really get the most out of their body.  The most serious of athletes consume high levels of ubiquinol every day and there are a variety of specialty blends out there that do just that.

Older Gentlemen

Hitting the wall? 45+ year old men are going to struggle with more than just fertility.  Recovering from a long day of playing with the kids or grandkids is going to take just as much out of you as an intense workout in the gym.  A fact of life: older gentlemen are going to feel the pain when it comes to recovery… and not just physically.  The hormonal difference between an older gentleman and his 30 year old counterpart is quite stunning.  In order to combat father time and keep up with the whippersnappers, there are senior specific coenzyme q10 supplements that everybody should be taking advantage up.  Consider speaking with your doctor about some of the cheaper, weaker supplements you can find online.

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