Best Tribulus Terrestris

best tribulus terrestris

A little while ago, we posted an article describing what tribulus terrestris is because we’d already talked about the different benefits and the side effects you needed to be concerned with if you were going to supplement with it.  As summer is coming to a close, it only make sense that we round out the tribulus terrestris informational blog posts with words of wisdom about the best tribulus terrestris to help you meet your fitness goals.  As is the case with a few of the ingredients and supplements we have talked about in this storied blog’s history, tribulus terrestris products and their various levels of success are going to depend on what you are trying to accomplish.  We’ll split this post up for two separate types of fitness freaks: Bulking Body Builders and Lean, Mean, Fat Burning Machines.

Bulking Body Builders

For those of you that are in to serious bulking, you can leverage tribulus terrestris to improve athletic performance, particularly giving you more stamina for increasingly more powerful pumps in the weight room.  Increasing your pumps in the weight room is the fastest way to pack on that muscle mass [1].  So how do we leverage tribulus terrestris to give us the most bang for buck?

Go out there and get yourself some pure tribulus terrestris.  Obviously we don’t mean the plant, in flower form.  You can purchase tribulus terrestris powders to be mixed in with your pre-workout and post-workout shakes [2].  Since you’re going to be able to control your dosage, you can guarantee a higher amount of supplementation per use.  Without going overboard, you’re going to be able to ensure the level of tribulus terrestris in your body is elevated for the majority of the day!

Lean, Mean, Fat Burning Machines

For those of you that are not really looking to gain a ton of muscle mass, but are more interested in that sculpted and cut look, your tribulus terrestris supplementation is going to be a little different.  Much like the runners and cardio lovers, people who are looking to burn fat typically fall in to this category as well.  So how to we leverage tribulus terrestris to give us the most bang for buck?

Rather than looking to purchase pure tribulus terrestris powder, you’re going to be looking for a supplement cocktail.  These cocktails have been carefully formulated and manufactured to ensure the ingredients used play off from each other perfectly.  Most supplement mixes like the ones you’d find here at Vaxxen have ingredients that have been hand picked to maximize the benefits of the other ingredients used.  For instance, we know that tribulus terrestris improves blood circulation so we choose to include it in our Descend product, knowing that the different fat burning supplements that you’ve been using could have negative effects that you need to remedy before unintentional permanent damage is caused.  Using tribulus terrestris with milk thistle and saw palmetto will help ensure your blood sugar, blood pressure, and complete circulation are up to snuff.


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