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Today… we’re going to get real.  We’re going to talk about a subject that makes a lot of men, and women for that matter, a little uncomfortable: testosterone boosting and what is the best testosterone booster you can get for your age.

There is nothing to be ashamed about losing a little bit of spunk as the ages wear on.  When years turn into decades and you start to realize you might have more yesterdays than you do tomorrows, you are going to feel it.  Close to 40% of men over the age of 45 years old are facing testosterone deficiency [1].  Since the miracles of modern medicine are helping us live longer, that’s going to be a problem when it comes to that healthy, physically fit, and sexually active lifestyle that nobody wants to let go of.  Because of even more miracles of modern medicine, now… you don’t have to face the problem alone.

Ages 60+

Men that are entering the golden years are either enjoying retirement or considering it pretty intently.  What do you think of when you think of retirement?  Spending time on the beach with that special somebody?  Throwing a ball around with the grandkids?  Maybe enjoying some vacations at those exotic places that you’ve only dreamed about.  One thing is for certain: Nobody wants to do it looking like an overweight, beat up mess that was ridden hard and put away wet.

Now more than ever, there are safe and all natural testosterone enhancing supplements available for the baby boomer generation.  A protein shake mixed with soft but prolonged exercise will naturally raise the testosterone levels for aging men.  Combined with rest and a low stress lifestyle and you will experience the testosterone levels of a man 20 years younger [2].  For the extreme cases, speak with your physician about synthetic supplementation.

Best Testosterone Booster for Ages 40 to 59

Similar to the more senior group, a protein rich diet will help increase testosterone levels.  Make sure you don’t live your work so that the stress levels stay down as well.  For that additional kick in the bedroom and in the weight room, there are some supplements that won’t risk your ticker too much [3].  Try Androxx to keep the levels at a more natural baseline, leaving you feeling more energetic when the bedroom door closes and making it easier to keep adding weights on the dumbbells.  The other ingredients have been formulated to build off the testosterone enhancers so that you get the most out of your supplementation.

Ages 20 to 39

If you find that you truly have a testosterone deficiency, we recommend consulting with your primary care physician.  It’s possible there is a bigger issue at hand.  Assuming you don’t have a deficiency and you’re just looking to pump as much iron in the weight room, you too can utilize Androxx to your benefit.  Something in Androxx that doesn’t agree with you?  There are testosterone-only supplements available at the local drug store and on the big retail merchant websites.  Be sure to read about the nasty side effects of over supplementation before you go hog wild…


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