The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

the best protein powder for weight loss

Since we started this blog, we’ve made it our mission for readers to understand that protein powder needs to be the base building block of their supplementation regimen.  We’ve gone in to detail about all the great things that protein diets can do for your muscles, helping you along the winding road of God-like fitness.  Lately, we’ve focused on the ways you can utilize protein powder to stave off hunger, leading to additional fat burn and muscle recovery after intense exercise during dieting periods.  Let’s forget about the muscle gains for a moment.  Let’s forget about all the other supplements that you can use to help give yourself the extra kick that may be needed to shed off the most stubborn of visceral fat.  What do you suppose the absolute best protein powder is when it comes to weight loss?

Low Calorie Protein Powder

Yes, there is such a thing.  You might not even realize it but you could already be taking advantage of low calorie protein powder supplementation.  Consider this: How does your protein shake taste if you don’t try to doctor it up or add other supplements to it?  As a general rule of thumb, the worse it tastes, the lower in calories.  Casein protein powder is widely regarded as the best tasting protein powder on the market.  Casein based protein powder also has bit more of a slower reaction time in comparison to the other protein powder alternatives.  In addition to the “slow burn” effect, it’s much higher in calories.  Casein is ideal for the body builder that’s looking for additional recovery help while sleeping, but not so ideal for the fitness junky looking to burn off the holiday gut.  Try to ignore the powders high in calories and stick with the low calorie stuff.  You shouldn’t struggle to compare, just look at the nutrition labels [1].  Consider WheyXX’s birthday cake flavor for the rare combo platter of a low calorie, high protein, and great tasting protein powder that will keep your muscles growing and fat falling off.

Extra Sustenance

There are a variety of protein rich powder mixes out there that aren’t solely protein.  While this may add a bit to the total calorie count, you can still easily stay at the caloric deficit you need to shed the fat that’s been plaguing you.  These “meal replacement” powders are mixed into a healthy shake that contains as much or more of the suggested nutritional values you need to get from a single meal.  While it’s possible to feel hunger because your stomach isn’t full of solids, the meal replacement shakes will still provide you with the sustenance you need so you’re not unhealthily starving your body of required nutrients.

Leftovers is a meal replacement made from real food sources, such as sweet potatoes for healthy carbohydrates and long lasting energy.  It’s soy-free, contains no-artificial dyes, and comes in at only 165 calories per serving.  With 16 grams of protein per “meal”, you’ll reach your daily protein intake with ease.  Using replacement shakes like Leftovers makes it easy to keep on a high protein diet while simultaneously losing weight.


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