Does the Best Muscle Building Supplement exist?

what is the best muscle building supplement

That title will certainly grab your attention!  Now that we’ve got it, let’s get right down to business: what is the best muscle building supplement? There is no one size fits all, leader of the pack muscle building supplement.  There are certainly a large number of supplements that will increase your muscle gain and improve the recovery period between workouts so that you can influence positive and health muscle growth, but there is no clear leader in the clubhouse.  The best muscle building supplement will differ person to person based on the individual’s age, physique, diet, and goals.  The goals matter because not everybody wants to bulk up and gain as much heavy muscle mass as possible.  Some individuals look to gain lean muscle mass while simultaneously focusing on weight loss and fat burn.  The best muscle building supplements are listed below, in no particular order… understand that stacking them will be the best way to boost muscle development.

  • Protein – Protein is probably the most important muscle building supplement, no matter your age, physique, or goals. That doesn’t make it the BEST supplement, but it’s still the most important.  Protein will help stave off hunger, regenerate muscle tissue post workout, and provide you with energy to power through the next workout if you supplement a couple hours before gym time [1].
  • Creatine – To be stacked with protein for best results. Creatine is going to give you a boost in energy, enhancing your workouts, and strengthen protein molecules, making the protein supplement even more effective [2].
  • Beta-alanine – For the bulkers. An absolute necessity for people who are looking to increase as much muscle mass as possible.  Beta-alanine helps prevent the lactic acid build up in your muscles so that you can increase your reps, weight lifted, and maximize the most out of your workouts.  Taking beta-alanine both before and after workout out is the best way to keep the effects of the exercises helping you for hours [3].
  • BCAA’s – Branched-chain amino acid supplements decrease the soreness and fatigue creep during workouts. Stacking BCAA’s with beta-alanine will certainly help the bulkers work out for even longer but BCAA’s aren’t just for those guys any more.  Lean muscle freaks can use BCAA’s to keep their cardo exercises from wearing them down, allowing for the same increase in exercise time without muscle fatigue [4].
  • Nitric Oxide Boosters – Improving the blood flow is something that you lean muscle mass people should be all about. Increasing blood flow will allow you to have more energy and wildly improve the recovery period after your extended workouts [5].  Take a dose about half an hour before training and again right before bed time.  Loading your system with the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nitric oxide boosters before bed time will also make you feel healthier and more energetic during the work day!

Now you understand why we couldn’t just say “THIS is the best muscle building supplement.”  It’s really not possible.  Protein is more essential to maximize gains you’d see by using the other supplements but it’s not going to be super effective all by itself.  Instead consider making yourself supplement cocktails to have pre and post workouts if you really want to maximize your gains.


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