Benefits of Red Spinach Extract You Didn’t Know About

red spinach extract benefits and vitamins

Remember all those times sitting at the dinner table when you were a child and your parents or grandparents would tell you to eat your spinach?  It turns out, they were really on to something.  Spinach, red spinach in particular, has been found to be so much more than just a source of healthy nutrients that is often accompanied with the meat and taters at dinner!  Maybe all those old Pop-Eye cartoons were on to something…

5 Benefits of Red Spinach Extract You Didn’t Even Know About

All spinach is good for you.  Don’t let the title fool you.  You shouldn’t actively avoid eating the leafy green stuff that you’re accustomed to!  Think of red spinach as the usual stuff on steroids.  It’s a little rarer and a little more expensive to cultivate but labs around the world are doing just that.  The extract is harvested for a variety of supplements because of these five benefits…

  1. Rich in vitamin E – Red spinach harbors extremely high levels of vitamin E. In fact, there are few vegetables containing more vitamin E per ounce than red spinach.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant that makes the most out of nutrients in your skin.  If you’re looking to get that natural, vibrant shine out of your skin, no matter the pigment, vitamin E tablets will help!
  2. High in Iron – Iron is one of those nutrients everybody hears about but nobody seems to care about. Iron is one of the leading sources of energy stores, especially when you talk about the burstable energy you need come workout time.  Elevating iron levels will inevitably give you more energy throughout your day AND throughout your workouts.
  3. Phytoecdysteroid – There is a new one for you. Phytoecdysteroids are considered to be all natural steroids.  Now you know why we’re so interested in the red spinach extract.  While these plant roids aren’t quite as potent as the lab-created anabolic ones , they’re still undeniably effective [1].  It kind of makes you wonder if the creators of Pop-Eye really WERE on to something all those years ago…
  4. Increases Ventilatory Threshold – That is basically just a fancy term for breathing and lung capacity. A thorough study was completed last year that proved red spinach extract increases the amount of oxygen in which your lungs can hold and utilize.  Increased amounts of oxygen to the brain will allow you to be more alert and keep fatigue at a minimum [2].  Subsequently, you’ll be able to power through workouts without hitting the “wall” prematurely.
  5. Vascular Improvement – It only makes sense that if your body gets more oxygen, blood flow is going to improve. Red spinach extract improves the blood flow throughout the body, so much so that physicians have been known to direct patients to take red spinach extract capsules as a food supplement instead of prescribing them with blood pressure medications because the extract doesn’t negatively effect the liver or kidneys like most medications can [3]!


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