Benefits of Maltodextrin for Gym Rats and Others

maltodextrin benefits

It’s hard to believe that’s it has been just under a year since we introduced our readers to maltodextrin.  In that particular blog post, we emphasized that maltodextrin is derived from plants but undergoes a variety of synthetic modulations, leaving it bland, tasteless, and water-soluble.

The water-soluble is important.  That’s what makes maltodextrin powder so darn useful for bulking.  Building off the information we already know and the articles that we’ve provided for you, we are going to carefully examine all of the benefits of maltodextrin supplementation.  If you’d like, feel free to read about the side effects so that you have a good all around understanding for the pros and cons before experimenting with maltodextrin in your macros.


Benefits of Maltodextrin for Food and Beauty Manufacturers

Maltodextrin is the type of thing that can make or break profit margins when it comes to manufacturing and selling food products.  Production facilities all around the world add maltodextrin to their products as a type of “filler.”  Since maltodextrin is relatively cheap to make or obtain, contains almost no taste, and can be combined with other powders very easily, it is used to increase volumes in processed foods.  The very same goes for the different lotions and makeups on the market.  In order for these companies to see a real profit on their products, they need to increase quantity without increasing the key ingredients and cost.  This trick has become ubiquitous and is kind of depressing when you think about it.


Maltodextrin Benefits for Bulking Gym Rats and People Gaining Weight

Maltodextrin is loaded with “empty calories.”  If you need an extra source of energy, maltodextrin can provide calories for you to burn.  (This is why maltodextrin is used in the production of protein shakes and sports drinks).

Professional athletes and body builders are known for burning off absurd amounts of calories during their workouts.  Michael Phelps had to consume 12,000 calories per day just to maintain his weight.  When working out is your life, you can struggle to consume enough calories to keep yourself from losing weight.  Maltodextrin supplementation provides an easy solution for the people that are struggling maintaining weight and muscle because of the amount of calories they’re burning during workouts.  Being able to burn these extra calories will help you fight of fatigue and increase muscle gains without increasing fatty deposits.

Hypoglycemics can be prescribed maltodextrin as part of continued blood sugar treatment because it’s quick to increase your blood sugar levels.  Being a sucrose replacement makes it perfectly safe for diabetics[1] and is a welcome alternative to shots of insulin for many people.


What about Maltodextrin Fat Content?

What fat content?  Maltodextrin has no fat content meaning it cannot lead to fat gains.  There is no sodium so you don’t need to worry about a negative affect on your cholesterol either.  For all intents and purposes, you will not get much of a result in any of the major nutritional categories, so it will not effect your diet in any column beyond caloric intake.



[1] Kendig, M D, et al. “Maltodextrin Can Produce Similar Metabolic and Cognitive Effects to Those of Sucrose in the Rat.” Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports., U.S. National Library of Medicine, June 2014,


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