Benefits of L-Taurine

benefits of l taurine

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the benefits of the non-essential amino acid, L-Taurine.  Called taurine for short, it’s an amino acid that, while categorized as non-essential, is considered to be essential in the fitness world as a supplement.  Please do not confuse L-Taurine with L-Tyrosine, which is another supplement that we’ve talked about in detail.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about taurine.  We’ve talked about where you should go to purchase your taurine supplementation as well as how you should be administering it.  We already know that it is found in fish and is wildly improves your body’s cardiovascular system. Heck, we’ve even gone over the different side effects one can experience while supplementing with taurine.  It’s time to take a closer look at the top benefits of L-Taurine supplementation and how you should be leveraging it to help achieve your fitness goals!

Top Benefits of Taurine Consumption

  1. Cardiovascular Improvement – We’ve already alluded to this but it definitely can’t be understated. Taurine supplementation has been scientifically proven to improve the cardiovascular system of adult humans by as much as 50%.  Increasing oxygen levels in the blood, improving blood flow, and reducing blood pressure are all typical effects of elevated taurine levels.  Overall cardiovascular health directly effects the level of fatigue and necessity of rest periods during and after our workouts [1]!
  2. Anti-inflammatory – Taurine is a proven anti-inflammatory. Maybe some of our readers have visited the doctor and been informed they should be eating more fish and red meat.  I know it sounds crazy but it’s an easy way for you to increase the taurine levels of your system, resulting in a reduction of inflammation [2].  If you’re struggling with recovery because of sore joints and tendons, make sure fish is on the menu for dinner or start taking some taurine as a supplement. – Or both!
  3. Strengthen Your Central Nervous System – This one is pretty darn remarkable. New prescription drugs that help people with dying nerve endings have included taurine in an effort to help them feel again.  It’s not like it will be able to cure full blow paralysis but there is impressive evidence arguing taurine will help elderly people keep control of their nervous system and live happier, more confident and independent lives into their golden years [3].

Not only are the nerve endings improved but this same study shows a direct correlation between your mental state and the amount of taurine in your system.  Improving the neurotransmitters will allow you to react more quickly, think more coherently, stay more positive, and power through the toughest of diets and workouts!

  1. Skeletal and Muscle Strength – Last but certainly not least, taurine has been proven to improve muscle and bone strength. Don’t misunderstand.  This type of strength doesn’t mean you’ll be able to lift more weights.  No, this type of strength means you’ll be able to do more reps before you need rest.  It means recovery will be simpler [4].  Sounds like something we can all appreciate after an especially difficult workout!


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