What Amylase Side Effects Should I Know About?

amylase side effects

We recently introduced amylase as a supplement for people looking to shed a few extra pounds.  Even more recently, we wrote about all the different benefits that go along with weight loss during successful amylase supplementation.  Obviously we need to spend some time on amylase side effects now, adhering to our personal belief that full disclosure is important when it comes to supplementation.

Increasing the digestive enzyme levels in your body is sure to come with some side effects.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re dosing with extra amylase or one of the other digestive enzymes, you’re going to notice some side effects.  Even though our bodies naturally create amylase, we can still notice some discomfort if we choose to push beyond the natural limits.

We’ve chosen to break the potential side effects down in three groups to help you better understand what you’re up against.

Extremely Rare Side Effects of Amylase

  • In the rarest of occasions, users have reported a difficulty breathing and a chest tightness that emulates a panic attack. Since our body creates more amylase when we’re in a stressful situation, it’s possible that your system can misunderstand the increased level of amylase and assume you’re in a spot of bother resulting in panic-like symptoms.  Symptoms persist for 5 to 20 minutes.

Rare Amylase Side Effects

  • Headaches can be induced when you mess with any chemical level in your body. Your system will take time to adjust and sometimes the chemicals in the brain try to over or under compensate for what you’re ingesting.  Symptoms can last 30 minutes and repeat for the first few days of supplementation.
  • Dizziness is another potential side effect. Like with the headaches, this is a result of your body trying to adjust to the new levels of amylase in your body.  The symptoms can last for up to 15 minutes at a time and won’t happen beyond the first few days of supplementation.
  • Light neck pain has been reported, especially older users. The direct cause is unclear but we can make the safe assumption it’s due to the anti-inflammatory properties of amylase.  Those who report the neck pain usually have had trauma in that region at some point in their lives.  Symptoms will not last beyond the first 2 weeks of supplementation.

Amylase Common Side Effects

  • Gas – Unsurprisingly, gas is a side effect you may have during amylase supplementation. Since you’re messing with your digestive system, it makes sense that you may have some flatulence as things get loosened up.  Symptoms will start almost immediately and diminish over time, taking weeks to clear up.
  • Diarrhea kind of goes along with the gas. You’re going to have to go a bit more frequently than you normally have bowel movements, at least until things are in good working order.  Symptoms will last for a week to ten days [1].
  • Heartburn is one of the most common side effects of amylase supplementation. It can be combatted with your usual over the counter antacid, but about half of all users experience heartburn, unfortunately.  Heartburn can be prevented with omeprazole.  Symptoms last the duration of supplementation.

As none of the side effects are too terrible, we’re of the belief that safe supplementation of amylase is something that everybody should consider [2].  Don’t forget, you’re already getting a small bit if you’re using Leftovers!


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