5 Amylase Benefits

amylase benefits

At its core, amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps the body absorb more nutrients and improve digestive health.  There are a variety of different digestive enzymes in each of our bodies that work together to break down the various nutrients.  Since there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to this molecular breakdown, we’re able to pick and choose which enzymes we want to enhance and maximize through supplementation.  Amylase specifically is what most bodybuilders try to focus on.  Since the main function of the amylase enzyme is turning starch in to sugars, and because amylase is found in saliva, it’s often the first step on the road to digestion.

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The Big 5 Benefits of Amylase

Understanding that amylase infusion is the first part of the digestive process is what has lead to successful supplementation.  Here is a comprehensive list of the 5 undeniable benefits body builders and fitness freaks realize after steady amylase supplementation…

  1. Weight loss – Coming in atop the list is always going to be weight loss. Amylase has been proven to speed your metabolic rate, leading to increased fat burn and weight loss [1].  Sometimes considered to be the most effective weight loss supplement, amylase CAN result in muscle loss as well as fat burn.  To combat the muscle loss, simply keep up the gym workouts to complement the fat burning cardio workouts.  Don’t skip leg day and you’ll be a lean, shredded monster in no time.
  2. Inflammation reduction – Swelling of the joints, skin irritation, and unsightly red blotches are all symptoms and side effects of supplementing your workouts with other substances [2]. While the side effects are temporary, they can be annoying and long-lasting.  Increased levels of amylase has been found to reduce inflammation throughout the body, limiting joint pain and embarrassing skin problems.
  3. Healthier digestion – Not to be confused with weight loss. Amylase has long been medically accepted and understood as a key piece to the digestive puzzle.  Smooth digestion of your food will lead to more regular bowel movements, reduction in gas, and an improved immune system!
  4. Stress relief – Our bodies produce more amylase when we find ourselves in stressful situations. Don’t take our word for it, leave it to the scientists!  Since we know we create more amylase when we’re in a bad spot, it only makes sense that supplementing with amylase will reduce the number and frequency of mood swings.  Amylase has been used as an ingredient in depression medication as a result [3].
  5. Sugar regulation – Amylase rich medicines are administered in diabetic patients or people with hypoglycemia. While this is helpful as a reactionary method of treatment, it’s even more helpful as a preventative step.  “Healthy” people can use amylase supplementation to regulate their sugar levels just like diabetics.  Lowering overall blood sugar levels in the body will make the pancreas’s job a heck of a lot easier, reducing the risk of contracting diabetes.


If you’re curious about amylase and want to do a little more research before you add it to your macros, make sure you read this article we wrote a few months ago!


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