Alpha GPC Benefits

alpha gpc benefits

This is something that we’ve been building up to for a while.  Back in May we talked to you about the side effects of Alpha GPC that you needed to be aware of when supplementing with Alpha GPC.  Then in June, we took it a step further and told you where you could acquire your own Alpha GPC to experiment with.  Last month, we explored the effects of different dosage levels when you are supplementing.  Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of Alpha GPC supplementation and what you should stack it with to get the most impressive results you can.

Alpha GPC Benefits – Almost 100% Mental

Alpha GPC is different from all the other supplements that we spend time talking to you about.  With Alpha GPC, there are no physical benefits that we’re aware of.  Almost all studies done are examining the effects that Alpha GPC has on our ability to focus, remember, and learn.  Many of the “benefits” lack sufficient evidence for the government to give its blessing, but we’ll provide you with links to the promising clinical studies and trials so that you can formulate your own opinion!  Let’s take a look at the presumed top 5 benefits of Alpha GPC supplementation.

  • Improved focus [1] – Rather than spending all your workout time thinking about how uncomfortable you are and how badly you want it to be over with, Alpha GPC is said to influence your neural network such that you will instead be more positive and focus on the gains that you will see if you power through your workout.
  • Enhanced memory [1] – One of the largest and most frequent problems that our readers have when it comes to supplementation of any kind is the discipline to continue supplementing day in and day out. We all have very busy lives with school, work, children, or community functions.  It’s easy to forget about your supplements but if you’re not diligent and steadfast in dosing, you’re going to be doing more harm than good.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – There is a direct correlation between Alpha-GPC supplementation and reduction in Alzheimer’s progression. The hope is to use Alpha GPC in medications that will completely eradicate the threat of Alzheimer’s disease.  We’re not there yet, but studies are ongoing and show a lot of promise [2].
  • Dementia – Not unlike Alzheimer’s disease, there is a very real possibility that a healthy dose of Alpha GPC each day will improve patients struggling with dementia [3]. Unfortunately, studies can be difficult to complete as Alpha GPC is strictly regulated in the United States right now.

Brethren Across the Pond

Most countries in the European Union have approved Alpha-GPC for public distribution through prescription.  Patients prescribed Alpha GPC have seen improvements to unfortunate disabilities brought on from stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.  Primarily released from the breakdown of a fatty acid in soy, it’s only a matter of time before the substance is harvested world wide in response to the Alzheimer’s epidemic.  It will continue to be heavily monitored by the United States government and we will likely develop a policy similar to the European countries; Doctors will administer Alpha-GPC based medications to their patients.


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