Agmatine Sulfate for Body Building

agmatine sufate for body building

Our last few body building articles seemed to generate a lot of buzz so we’re going to keep going on that line of thinking by examining agmatine sulfate and the effects it has on body building.  You’ve probably only really heard of agmatine sulfate if you’ve been following this blog closely.  Most people don’t talk about nitty gritty ingredients the likes of agmatine sulfate, but we’ve already written a couple of posts about it.  (Refer back here for the benefits and here for the purchase guide.)

Today, we are going to provide you with the top 3 reasons why you should consider dosing with agmatine sulfate, especially if you’re trying to sculpt your body into a masterpiece.  Bulkers and lean muscle builders alike can leverage agmatine sulfate to improve the results they get from all the hours spent in the gym.


  1. Bigger Pumps!

Agmatine sulfate has been proven to boost nitric oxide levels in your system, especially the muscles, to achieve and sustain massive pumps [1].  Being able to provide your muscles with the short bursts of extra energy needed to power through insane pumps will result in an increase in muscle growth.  These pumps can be so much improved that you can literally feel your skin tightening as the agmatine sulfate acts as a catalyst for increased blood flow to the muscle tissue.  You’re essentially supercharging your muscles.


  1. Insulin Regulation

Obviously sugar levels are going to have a heavy impact on the type of workouts you’re having.  Keeping your insulin levels regulated by improving the pancreatic functions in your system is something often overlooked [2].  Agmatine has the ability to improve the pancreas, resulting in regulated insulin secretion, preventing low or high sugar problems that can often affect your workout.  Allowing for more glucose to be absorbed by the muscles will help promote sustained energy levels and endurance during workouts.


  1. Muscle Growth Mental Awareness

As we’ve mentioned in the past, agmatine sulfate can help with stress and improve mood, reduce anxiety, and even increase brainwave activity, leading to improved memory and understanding.  You know that you overlook your mental state heading in to workouts.  You think that putting on some metal music or gangster rap is going to help you get your head in the game?  Wrong.  Those are just convenient distractions.  The truly maximize your workout, you need to improve your mental acuity to focus on what you’re doing throughout each pump.  Having the presence of mind to be able to maximize efficacy of your pumps is going to enhance the results of each pump.  Focusing on technique is frequently overlooked and can be remedied with agmatine sulfate supplementation.

What We Suggest

For beginners, we do not recommend that you go out and try to discover your own form of pure agmatine sulfate supplementation.  There are too many on the market to choose from and it’s difficult to discover the correct dosage you need.  Try out Fulcrum before wasting more money on less effective products.  Even though agmatine has been proven to be 100% safe, there are going to be varying degrees of efficacy [4].  Try something proven.


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