Agmatine Sulfate Benefits

Agmatine Sulfate benefits

Agmatine Sulfate is one of those things that you probably already get the benefit of without even knowing you are supplementing with it.  Found in a variety of different muscle building blends, agmatine sulfate has quickly become a regular staple in the world wide body building and fitness movement.  Whether used in stacks to try to maximize muscle mass increase and gain when bulking or leveraged for lean muscle increase and retention, agmatine sulfate benefits are finding their way in to most people’s hearts, metaphorically speaking.  And their circulatory systems, literally speaking.

Scientifically Proven and Backed Benefits

Like most of the supplements we talk about and support here at Vaxxen, agmatine sulfate has been found to be safe and effective through a variety of public and private sector funded and supported studies [1].  Let’s take a look at the top benefits proven to be very real when practicing agmatine sulfate supplementation:

  1. Pain reduction – That’s right, agmatine sulfate naturally reduces pain that’s been induced by some sort of trauma. Not the type of pain killer you’d expect, agmatine sulfate has been found to be effective in the reduction of inflammation and helps negate spinal cord injuries do to trauma or repeat impact [2].  Professional football players are almost forced to dose throughout the week to help ensure long and fruitful careers despite the repeated weekly beatings.
  2. Stress Reducer – Aside from the physical stress that is alleviated in your inflamed joints as mentioned in number 1, agmatine sulfate can reduce the mental stress of every day life. Sustained stress can result in a large number of physical ailments over time like fever, ulcers, blood pressure problems, and stroke.  Agmatine sulfate is now being used in medicines that treat each of these issues to help counteract the negative affects of current stress AND to prevent future situations from causing even more stress in one’s life [3].
  3. Cognitive Health – It’s not surprise that something wielding the capability to reduce stress in one’s life also has the capability to increase cognitive power in the brain [4]. Think about this:  When you’re really hot, bothered, flustered, and stressed out, are you able to think as clearly as when you’re in a comfortable, calm environment?  Chances are, you’re going to struggle to perform as well in a stressful situation as you would in a calm and comfortable one.  Professional baseball players dose with agmatine sulfate to help prevent the “yips” while they’re pitching to or batting at the plate.  The “yips” is a minor example.  The ability to remain focused and finish important thoughts is wildly under appreciated.  Some individuals get so nervous that they can’t cope in society.  Medicines designed to help treat anxiety and nervousness already utilize agmatine sulfate.

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but if you’re enjoying our Fulcrum product line, you already are supplementing with agmatine sulfate benefits.  But… you knew that already, right?  Because if there is one thing you’ve learned from this blog, it’s that you need to thoroughly research everything you put in to your body!


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