6 Easy Weight Loss Hacks to Do Each Night

If you’re having issues losing weight, there are a few easy weight loss hacks you can do each night that can help you see the numbers on your scale getting smaller – and it doesn’t involve removing the batteries and watching the digits slowly fade away to nothing.  While none of what’s found below are quick fixes, they are ways that over time you can improve your weight loss success and achieve your goal weight. 

What I would recommend with these easy weight loss hacks would be to start with one and slowly implement more into your routine.  If you do them all to start, you may find it is overwhelming and give up.  We don’t want that.  So, start with one and increase the number you use as you feel comfortable progressing.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Go to bed early

The first of our easy weight loss hacks to do each night is sometimes easier said than done, but it is 100% necessary to see the best results.  You need to be going to bed earlier to allow your body to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night.  Sleep is incredibly important to recovery from stress and workouts and can allow you to wake up refreshed and energized to go tackle the day. 

When you don’t get enough sleep, it can throw off your hormones and increase cortisol levels which is a stress hormone responsible for weight gain.

  • Drink water

It should come as no surprise that I’m telling you to consume more water.  After all, your body is made up of primarily water.  However, what many people fail to realize is that water is important to regulate bodily functions, improves organ and skin health, all while helping your body maintain peak performance and stay hydrated.  Consuming water also helps trick your brain into thinking you’re full. 

At night, many Americans find themselves sitting on the couch watching television with some sort of snack.  They rarely measure out a correct serving size and this ultimately causes them to overeat.  Rather than grabbing a snack, grab a bottle or glass of water.  This is one of the easy weight loss hacks that everyone can do each night to help with their weight loss success.

  • Utilize a slow-digesting protein

While one of the most simple and easy to use slow-digesting protein sources out there is a casein protein powder, I know that not everyone is going to want to use a supplement.  For most, they would rather prefer to eat their source of nutrition rather than drink it – and I totally understand that.  But let’s first touch on casein protein powder. 

When looking at casein protein powder, per serving it is extremely inexpensive.  It mixes easily in a shaker bottle and it provides a high amount of protein in a convenient shake.  This is a quick fix to help the body stay anabolic while sleeping and continue to burn fat throughout the night while aiding in muscle recovery. 

Side note: Let’s not forget that the more muscle you have on your frame, the higher your metabolism is going to be revving since muscle consumes a bunch of energy to function all day long.

If you want to skip the casein protein shake, you can always opt for something like cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese is a fantastic source of a slow-digesting protein and is used as one of the effective weight loss hacks by many.  Want to slow the digestion process down even more and stay satiated longer?  Toss in a small amount of natural peanut butter in your cottage cheese and mix it up for a delicious late-night treat.

  • Prepare your breakfast for the morning

If you are having a hot breakfast, obviously you don’t want to make it the night before and then need to reheat it.  That method throws off the taste and I want you to enjoy your food.  What I would recommend as one of the easy weight loss hacks would be to have all of your ingredients together and ready to go.  That way when you wake up, you’re not looking for everything you need and wind up skipping breakfast because you were short on time.  Plan ahead and you’ll be in good shape.

On the flip side, if you’re having a cold breakfast such as cereal or even something like a breakfast bar, have it ready to go so as soon as you walk into the kitchen it is sitting there ready for you.  With cereal, have the bowl on the table with the box of cereal you wish to eat and a spoon.  The only thing you’ll need to do is pour the cereal into the bowl, add a little milk if you wish, and then dig in.  Quick and easy.

  • Have your gym bag ready to go and at the door

Want one of the great no excuse weight loss hacks?  Here it is.  Have your gym back ready to go at the door so you don’t forget it.  You can keep it in your car but depending on where your car is and the temperature, it may not be ideal.  So, keeping it at the door seems like your best option at the end of the day.  Put all of your essentials needed to go to the gym, workout, get changed, refreshed, and on with your day – regardless of the time you decide to hit the gym for a workout. 

Doing this eliminates the excuse that you didn’t have your gym bag or you didn’t have everything ready to go.  Eliminating excuses is half the battle.  Too many people will find a way NOT to work out than to figure out a way to make sure they CAN work out during the day.  I look at it as priorities.  If losing weight and becoming healthier is a priority to you, you’ll make sure it’s in your calendar each day.

  • Pack a lunch for the next day

Another one of the weight loss hacks to do each night that ties in with #4 is to pack your lunch for the next day.  Similar to what was said about preparing your breakfast, if you don’t pack your lunch the night before and are running late, you’re more likely to rush out the door without anything to eat for lunch.  What does this cause many to do?  Hit up some fast-food restaurant or make unhealthy food choices during lunch because they’re starving. 

Before bed, pack your lunch for the next day so it’s ready for you to grab and go in the morning.  Again, no excuses.  It’s packed and ready for you to take with you.  There’s no excuse to eat something unhealthy or the need to run out for lunch at work.  And the vending machine… stay away.  Everything you need is right there in your packed lunch.  You can even toss in some healthy snacks to eat midmorning or midafternoon.  Again, it’s about PLANNING AHEAD. 

When you fail to plan on things found in this article is when the speed of your weight loss results can come to a screeching halt.  Follow these six weight loss hacks to do each night and you’ll put yourself in a great position to see the best results with your weight loss efforts.

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