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6 Benefits You’ll Get From Using A Quality Whey Protein Powder

benefits of whey protein powder

When it comes to seeing great results from your workout session, it’s not just about putting more weight on the bar or choosing the right exercises.  Your post workout nutrition – the foods you choose to eat immediately following a hard training session – can really make or break the process you see.

Choose the right foods and you’ll quickly notice your recovery is improving, your metabolic rate stays high, and you move into an anabolic state, primed for lean muscle mass building.

Eat the wrong foods however and you’ll be left feeling tired, and likely, and not like hitting the gym anytime soon again.

One of the key critical components of good post-workout nutrition is quality protein. Protein provides the building blocks that your body will use to repair the muscle tissues. Without them, you cannot build yourself back up stronger than you were before.

Whey Protein Powder

One of the best protein sources to consume immediately following training is whey protein powder. It’s been designed to break down quicker in the body, thus proves to be a superior choice for this time.

What most people don’t realize however is that there are many other benefits to be had from using a quality whey protein powder such as WheyXX.

What do you stand to gain? Let’s take a closer peek at the top six benefits you’ll be from including this in your diet plan.


First, because whey protein powder is derived from dairy and dairy is a rich source of calcium, you will also benefit from having more calcium in your diet plan.

Each scoop of WheyXX you use will provide 8% of your daily calcium needs. While this may not seem like much, for those who aren’t consuming other dairy products due to being on a strict diet, every little bit helps out.

Getting enough calcium in your menu is vital to maintaining strong bones and ensuring you can continue to lift those heavy weights in the gym.

Best of all, those who suffer from lactose intolerance will usually find they can still consume whey protein alright as much of the lactose is actually removed during the filtration process.

Immune Support

The next side benefit you’ll get from including whey protein in your diet plan is immune boosting support1. Whey protein powder contains immunoglobins, which can help to strengthen your immune system, helping you feel better each and every day.

All the stressors you encounter on a regular basis, including your workout sessions, will take a toll on your immune system over time. The weaker your immune system is, the more run-down you’ll feel.

By building it back up, you’ll be able to tolerate a higher total workload in the gym, thus seeing faster results. Whey protein can assist with this.

Appetite Suppressing Benefits

hungry on a dietTrying to lose weight and suffering from ongoing hunger? You aren’t alone. This is one of the top complaints that many people on fat loss diets tend to suffer from and what prevents them from seeing the results they’re after.

The good news however is that whey protein powder can help with this. Those who consume whey protein powder prior to a meal tend to eat less at that meal because the protein powder reduces their overall appetite2.

Research has found this to be the case more with whey protein compared to other protein sources such as casein or soy protein. So don’t think that all proteins are created equally here. It’s whey protein powder that you want if you hope to minimize your appetite while dieting.

Increased Anabolic Environment

build muscle with whey protein powderAny food you consume is going to be anabolic in nature, especially protein and carbohydrates. You are providing raw materials for the body to build new tissues with. But, certain foods are definitely more anabolic than others.

Whey protein is one of those foods. The key thing about whey protein that makes it ideal for building muscle is the fact that it contains a high leucine content, which is a particular branched chain amino acid that helps maintain anabolic states in the body3.

This is important to note for those who are looking to build muscle with their workout plan, as well as for those who may be looking to lose fat and ensure they aren’t risking the loss of lean muscle mass. It’s quite common to see muscle loss while on an intense diet, making it even more important that you are including some high quality whey protein into your diet plan.

And for older individuals who are at an even higher risk of losing muscle mass tissue, leucine is also very critical to offset this issue.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure? If so, this is something you’ll want to ensure you get under control in order to promote better health and longevity in the long run.

Turns out, whey protein may assist with this as well. Research4 has shown that dairy products in general may help to reduce blood pressure, and in whey proteins, certain ACE-inhibitors called lactokinins5 help to complete the process.

For anyone lifting heavy weights – a process that will naturally increase blood pressure while you are lifting – you’ll want to be putting your best foot forward to sustain normal blood pressure the rest of the day.

Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels

Finally, thanks to the fact whey protein powder is so rich in protein and low in sugar, this means it’ll help to stabilize blood glucose levels very well, preventing the rise and fall that many people experience during the day.

Pairing whey protein powder with your carbohydrate sources in your post workout meal or at any other time during the day will help keep your energy stabilized and may help to ward off diabetes over time.

So as you can see, there are many great benefits you stand to gain from including a quality whey protein powder in your diet plan. Are you getting yours in?


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