10 Reasons Why You Need to Build a Home Gym

If you have a gym membership, no worries.  That’s perfectly fine.  In fact, I encourage you to also invest in getting some inexpensive equipment to build a home gym.  The equipment doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  You can invest in some adjustable dumbbells, a set of resistance bands, maybe even a treadmill or power rack with a barbell and plates if you want to splurge a little.  Totally up to you and your budget.

There are many reasons why you need to build a home gym and I’m going to touch on ten of those reasons below.  But to kick things off, I want to reiterate the fact that regardless if you have a gym membership currently or not, there are many advantages that come with having a home gym – even if it’s only a few pieces of equipment (think about the basics).  If you’re just starting out and never followed a workout or exercise program in the past, a home gym can be extremely advantageous. 

Enough of me trying to convince you here with why you should build a home gym, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the article.  Here are some of the many reasons you should build a home gym and make the investment. 

  1. No Excuses to NOT Exercise

When you build a home gym, there are no excuses you can come up with as to why you missed a workout.  I mean NONE.  Unless you’re traveling, you’re going to be at your house at some point during the day where you can put aside anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes to fit in a workout.

  • Spend Less Money on Gas

Think about all of the money you will save on gas by not having to travel to the gym every day.  Let’s face it, gas isn’t cheap these days and the prices seem to only be going up.  Keep that money in your pocket when you build a home gym by never needing to leave your house (via car) to exercise – you could leave your house for an outdoor workout such as cardio.

  • Free Up More Time

How much time do you normally spend driving to and from the gym on a given day?  You sit in traffic, if the weather is bad it slows you down, you get behind someone driving extremely slow, the list goes on and on.  If I were to guess, I’d say you spend at least 30 minutes total driving to the gym and back home.  Think about all of the things you could do with that extra time.  That’s not even counting all of the time spent in the locker room getting ready for your workout.

  • No Lines at Home

You never have to wait for equipment when you build a home gym (unless you get your whole family involved).  When you go to a gym, unless you go during an “off hour” where things are slow, you’re generally going to be fighting the rush and jockeying for position of certain pieces of equipment.  Treadmills are generally always taken.  Someone’s in the squat rack (probably doing barbells curls), dumbbells are scattered all over the place.  If you go to a gym you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And if you go to a gym the month of January, forget about it!  It’s going to be slammed.  Having equipment at home makes life a heck of a lot easier.

  • Fewer Headaches with Schedule Conflicts

Think about all of the things you have on your calendar.  Work, meetings, phone calls, running the kids here and there, soccer practice, the grocery store, paying bills, making dinner, etc.  Your life is busy enough, I can understand the headaches that come along with trying to find a time to fit in a workout when you’re juggling all of those things.  However, when you build a home gym, you can fit your workout in whenever you want.  It could be first thing in the morning when you wake up or even the last thing you do before you head to bed.  The luxury is that the choice is yours.

  • The Whole Family Can Exercise

What better way to spend family time than helping everyone live a healthier lifestyle and potentially improve their overall health and longevity?  Kids model after their parents so if you can start them at an early age, it can help reduce the risk of them becoming overweight or obese as they age.  It will also instill in them a healthy lifestyle by being more active.  Additionally, the strength training aspect of it can help make their everyday tasks easier.  Knowing what you’re doing can improve the health of your family alone should be a good enough reason to build a home gym.

  • No One “Judges” You

Yes, you can think of Planet Fitness in this instance.  And while I don’t believe it’s accurate in all my years being in gyms that people judge anyone at gyms, if that’s something you worry about, when you build a home gym you won’t have anyone around you (other than possibly family and friends) who would see you exercising.  I understand there are people who never worked out a day in their life and could feel intimidated or someone who is overweight and is slightly embarrassed to go to a gym.  In any case, having a place in your home where you can exercise solves these issues.

  • It’s a Long-Term Investment

You have the ability to put as much or as little money into your home gym as you please.  Some people (like myself) go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on equipment and dedicate a whole section of their home for their gym while others want something inexpensive and that can easily be put up and taken down as well as slide under a bed or into a closet.  Think about what you truly want when you build a home gym and how much space and money you want to allocate.  By building your home gym, you are making an investment.  Don’t think of it as just buying something because when you improve your health, it can help you in the long-term just like when you make financial investments.  So, do the right thing and invest in your health.

  • Shower in a CLEAN Area

Even the nicest gyms have shower areas that aren’t exactly “clean.”  You’re basically counting on people to not be pigs and disgusting and unfortunately, when the property doesn’t belong to someone, they tend to not take care of it.  I’ve been in gyms where it looked like the showers haven’t been cleaned since the gym has been in business.  The walls of the shower are dirty, the floor is a permanent brownish-black.  Just looking at it you’d swear you were going to catch a disease.  When you build a home gym, you have the ability to shower in your own private (and clean) shower.

  1. Pump Up Before a Night on the Town

Got a hot date or planning on going out with friends?  Nothing feels better than showing up with a pumped up and hard look that turns heads.  You work hard on your health and physique so why not show it off?  Fitting in a few sets of arms, chest, back, and shoulders before going out will have you looking big and full.  And if you’re a shy person, this gives you a sense of pride and courage.  Who knows, that night out could lead you to your soulmate?

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