1-DHEA Supplement Guide

What is 1-DHEA?

You have heard a lot about the DHEA family, but what are DHEAs and how do they improve performance? This guide to DHEA-1 will help you understand the supplement and how it may influence your muscle performance plan.

About DHEA Supplements

Plain and simple, DHEA supplements are used because of their muscle building properties, anti-aging benefits, and potential to boost sexual health. [1]

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone that your body produces naturally. The adrenal glands, which sit atop your kidneys, are the main producers of DHEA in the body. DHEA is responsible for boosting testosterone and estrogen production, which can reduce with age and from certain medical conditions. When we age, DHEA drops, which leads to a host of concerns, primarily a drop in sexual drive and muscle health. [2] No one wants to deal with that.

A solution for learning how to boost DHEA production in the body is with the use of supplements. Legal ones. No ordering steroids online to increase muscle mass or opting for dangerous chemicals. Adding DHEA supplements to your fitness plan and daily cycle offers the following reported benefits of DHEA from users:

    • Fights the onset and effects of again
    • Improves memory, concentration, and overall mental wellbeing
    • Improves blood flow to muscles and other areas to the body
    • Boosts production of testosterone or estrogen
    • Build bone strength
    • Increases muscle strength and health
    • Reduces muscle inflammation
  • Improves energy and stamina
  • Aids in a healthy weight

What is 1-DHEA?

One important DHEA supplement in 1-DHEA, which can be added to your wellness cycle for body and muscle health and balance. 1-DHEA, or 1-Androsterone, is a prohormone or prehormone. What is a prohormone? Well, it is a formula that boosts the production of essential hormones in the body, such as 1-testosterone. The most attractive feature of 1-DHEA is that fact that it is ant-estrogenic. 1-DHEA is not active alone; it converts to 1-testosterone. The two are not the same.

Benefits of 1-DHEA

The main benefits of 1-DHEA are: [3]

  • It is a legal supplement that can be taken in pill form
  • Potent muscle building and hardening
  • Does not convert to estrogen, so you avoid embarrassing side effects of excessive estrogen production, which occur with many anabolic steroids.
  • Does not suppress natural testosterone production in the body.
  • Increases muscles mass due to the efficient retention of nitrogen in the muscle,
  • Reduces bloating because it does not promote water retention
  • Shorter and more effective recovery time in between and after strength training.

How to Cycle 1-DHEA

You must cycle 1-DHEA for maximum results and health. It’s not enough to take one supplement and be done, or even to take it on its own. 1-DHEA can be added with 4-DHEA for maximum results and to offset potential side effects such as tiredness. 4-DHEA also help boost the effectiveness of DHEA supplements.

A basic support cycle of 1-DHEA helps protect your liver while delivering the intended results. Give your body as much additional support as needed when you first add 1-DHEA to your routine because your body is learning how to process 1-DHEA. After you cycle, and your body develops a tolerance, in face a dependency, on 1-DHEA, it is necessary to do at least a 4-week post cycle therapy that helps your body recover and regain equilibrium.

Do not take 1-DHEA if you have a history of prostate cancer or prostate conditions, you are under the age of 21, or if you have kidney, liver or heart conditions. If it is your first time taking a prohormone, don’t jump in right away. Start low and get the dose right when you order 1-DHEA online.



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